I got a new bike...;)

July and my Birthday celebrations!

Now that July feels long gone, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. July left a bitter sweet taste and I really don’t know why. It might explain the delay in publishing these words.

Glorious days

Gathering momentum in May

Not sure what was in the stars in May but it seems that, maybe, the month was a sort of pivotal month for me…

Psyllium - could it become your best friend?

Psyllium: could it become your best friend?

Psyllium could be just what you need if you are on a weight loss journey! But not only because it has a lot of health benefits, I clearly wish I knew before

Evening sunset

February = moving in!

We have landed! As anticipated the landing was not really a smooth one. Yet, we have arrived at destination and we’ll make it ok.

The independent woman starter kit

The independent woman starter kit

What does it mean to be an independent woman? What tools and skills do you need?! Let’s explore but lets not be too serious about it 😉

Wooden floors water damage renovation

How to repair water damage on wooden floors

I’m not an expert but I still thought I should tell you how I sorted some damages done to the wooden floors of our rental and which technique really worked.

My New Year wish to you: I hope you find your balance

When life gives you lemons, remain calm, find your balance and the best course of action. Maybe you will make lemonade, maybe a lemon cake would be great, maybe you’ll just sip your lemons with warm water. Maybe you’ll give the lemons to someone who could use some….

A pick me up cake

An easy and vegan chocolate cake with blueberries. Just what I needed on the first day of my period! Don’t judge!

I sometimes wish I was a man

Sometimes I wish I was a man

Let me explain why sometimes I wish I was a man, but don’t get me wrong, I actually love being a woman!

When life gives you onions

Yesterday scared me

Yesterday was a day which made me feel unaligned with myself. I tried it and didn’t like it that much. It scared me for the months to come.

South of France - sunset

Summer dreams gone by

When the Universe wants you to focus on the big picture, you ought to listen….

One week of Vegan food

What one week of vegan food looks like

Since a lot of people still think vegans only eat rabbit food, I thought it would be fun to take pictures of pretty much everything I cooked for a week and share!


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