2020 sewing achievements - face masks

My ridiculous year of sewing

my wardrobe isn’t overflowing with the incredibly beautiful, original creations I thought I would be sewing all year long. I have zero new dress and no puffy sleeves. No sexy deshabille either, just a couple granny panties… and these do not even match my face masks!

Merry Chirstmas

Have a safe and green Christmas

It is time to do things differently and embrace sustainable practices to celebrate this Christmas

Witch puppet from Prague

Darn… It’s all because I’m French!

Apparently one’s cultural upbringing has far more impact on one choices, one may dare to admit. So, let me try to tell you what it means to be French!

Working hard... sometime it looks like this

Saving money isn’t enough

You have to earn more as well. For the past 5 years, my income has consistently increased by 15 to 20%, without following any of the advises I received along the way.

Tea time

How to prepare for the next wave

It might be a good idea to prepare for what is coming. To get certain things done, to be ready, to face this winter like a pro, in a safe environment, with everything you need.

Buying a home! OMG

Buying a home! OMG

It all went to fast, I didn’t have time to really think of the consequences…

Upcycling Henri II chairs - a non guide

Upcycling Henri II chairs

You may have noticed the top of my fancy chairs in some of the pictures you can see on this blog. These are chairs I upcycled a while back, and I’ve been meaning for so long to talk about them, because, well, I think they are pretty!

Things we should have learned during quarantine

Things we have learned during quarantine – part 1

In this first part, I’m focusing on the things we have learned from the quarantine, on a personal level. This will be follow up by at least one other part, which I will link to here, when ready. As mentioned previously, a lot of articles have been published with the promise that the pandemic we…

Castle game - name all the part of the castle - letter US format sheet

Castle game!

A little confinement game to spend time! because who doesn’t like medieval castles?!

No Buy Year challenge follow up

No Buy Year challenge follow up

Yes I bought a few things, but so few that it feels like this no buy year challenge is going to have even more consequences than I thought it would…

My Depth Year review - Stay focused

My depth year in review

Last year was going to be different. Last year I decided to stay focused on a limited amount of projects and do a depth year. So, how did it go?…

Prešeren Square drawing - Ljubljana drawing - Slovenia

Preseren Square drawing

It’s been a while since I last shared a drawing so here it is! My rendering of Preseren Square in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Vin d'Epine recipe - pouring the wine

Making your own Troussepinette

Troussepinette?! I just love this word! It is so cute and so French and so charming! What is it? A liquorish aperitif, often home made. Yep, this is a special DIY!

A gal and her Indian Scout 741B

Facing casual sexism & prejudice

When it comes to DIY projects, apparently it’s ok for women to do scrapbooking, but it isn’t ok to handle ‘manly’ projects.

Vintage telescope

2019: My Depth year

What’s a Depth Year? I’m happy that you are asking! It’s probably a new concept, or maybe an ancient one. In any case, I totally recommend it!


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