August went by so fast

And just like that, summer is over. A part of me is glad and a part of me is sad.

Welcome to another instalment in my monthly series of only mildly interesting writing, where I go through my ups and downs, my small achievements and sometimes the exploration of the dark corner of my soul.

My August recap isn’t going to be very different, as I’ve been feeling good and yet, not so good.

Minty being pretty in front of a castle
Minty being pretty! And working wonderfully!

Again, I’ve been torn between feelings, between different states.

Let’s start by the good! As sometimes this month, I’ve been feeling really good. I had this great feeling that everything is coming to me when needed and there is something really magical to this.

It may sound like a silly example but I recently found the lamps for the hallway! Yep yep hooray!

I had been struggling with this since we moved in, 6 months ago. Couldn’t find what I wanted. Didn’t know what I wanted actually! With time and the installation of other lamps, I started having more of a vision for what I was looking for. And when I got a clearer vision of what I was looking for, there they appeared on my screen and soon after, on my doorstep. And they make such a difference to the space.

And since these got installed, I sense that our new apartment is turning into something good. A nurturing, protective space. A comfy, cosy, charming place. When I get home, I no longer feel like I’m renting an unfinished AirB&B. That is progress.

It’s been 6 months since we moved in and it’s still far from finished. Give me another 6 months, at least!! 😉

However, there are still tough days.

The downstair neighbours moved in recently and they are so loud. Yes it’s hard to not make noice when moving in and arranging furniture. This will hopefully slow down with time but I’m not entirely sure it is the case. I’m actually worried and scared, probably not for the reasons you may imagine.

Buying a new apartment, moving, my new client… these haven’t turned me into an alcoholic but my new neighbours might end up being the tipping point!

These vegan cookies have helped on the rough days! 😉

Another thing that has made my days difficult is something I talked about in a piece called money mindset shift – follow up required!.

I thought that the issue would be resolved by now, but it hasn’t. As mentioned there I’m really thankful I’ve been receiving what I needed, but I still do want the extra! Now!!

These examples got me thinking that the universe does have my back, but I’m still blocking part of it. It’s frightening to think of how much our old beliefs can hold us back. It’s also reassuring to know we have so much power, even when we don’t know how to use it. Will we/I ever learn?!

Navigating my emotions is sometimes worst than driving my vintage motorcycle!

Time unfolding

First week was hard. I felt like shit. That’s all there is to say.

Oh way, we went to a vintage cars & bikes expo on the week end and that lifted up my mood!

Second week was so much better after that!

I found the lamps I was looking for as indicated above. I got ready to go see my dad. I cleaned and organised and that always makes things better afterword. I exercised a little less in terms of timing but more in terms of intensity. HIIT training are becoming easier.

Tomatoes are here!

My dad's tomatoes next to mine
My dad’s tomatoes next to mine! No doubt which are which?!
Welcome home diner by my partner! Yes, vegan and amazing!

The third week?

OMG I got my motorcycle driving licence confirmation! That was soooo scary, it turned out good and fun and interesting! As usual, I was the only woman there. As expected, I was the slowest driver! It doesn’t matter anymore, it’s done and I can go back to Minty.

Lamps were installed and the hallway! Energy was increased instantly by 100%!

And it was finally time to plan my partner’s birthday weekend! Nothing extravagant as he decided he wanted to go see my dad! OK fine by me 😉

Motorcycle training confirmation. I had to ride one of these. Arrrrghhhh!!!!

Fourth week

Our new neighbours behaviour has started to impact me. I’m scared, I don’t know what to do. I’ve looked into Feng Shui to find protection and got lost. For now, I can only hope things will get better.

I got lost into my Feng Shui research so I baked again! (Vegan apple pie in case you wonder!)

The last few days?

I was off for a week and ended the month ridding Minty. It was glorious!

It's raining!
It rained when I was out. I found shelter once but the second time I got drenched. This was not on my to do list!

August went by so fast!

It’s mind blowing how August was here so quickly and suddenly it was over. It’s also mind blowing how quickly days are becoming shorter. More than half of this year has gone by. Summer is coming to an end, which like many, I welcome openly!

the most glorious sunrise
I get the most glorious sunrise while camping. ❤️

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