Promise to myself and to you

Well, I could have named this post « The 12 post titles I’ll never use! » But thanks God I resisted the urge!!

I don’t want to sound like a hater but I hate those titles, I hate clicking on the corresponding links even if I often can’t resist!

So here are the 12 Blog titles I’ll never use:

Blog post title to not use

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing there is a list for it. If you are in Paris, in trouble, in Love or in Hell, someone has created a list of what you should do or shouldn’t be doing there.

But why should I want to do the same things as you? And why should I be told what to like or not? Why 5? not 3? not 50?

But let’s not confuse the content of the posts and their titles. I get it, these lists are meant to be helpful / funny / interesting / etc., and they mostly are. It’s not the list, the problem, it’s the title.

And don’t get me wrong, I love a good list. The most useful are probably « to-do lists » but my favorite are « achievement lists ». The ones I do at the end of the day, week or month that show me that I did manage to do the things I was planning to do, maybe not all of them, but enough to be happy and proud about it.


Worst case scenario, is when these « Do like everybody else » titles also fall into the next category: The « Dictatorial » titles.

Blog post titles to not use


Flash news: what works for you, might not be work for me! and vice versa.

And maybe I like the way I peel and cut my onions just fine.

Seriously, I like to learn new ways to do things, and I like it when it’s actually working very well. But does the titles of these posts have to be so judgmental? Do they need to make me feel like I’m an idiot to make me read the post?


The other titles I dislike oh so much are the « FoMO » titles.

Blog post titles to not use


Oh God! Those are probably the worst! I hate clicking on the corresponding links even if I often can’t resist!

And yes sometimes it’s a good article, sometimes it’s a good joke or a nice video about super cute pandas or maybe it is a truly informative, interesting or inspiring story.

But I still hate the fact that I was manipulated into opening the article by overly teasing my curiosity.

This Fear of Missing Out is a powerful thing!

I know you know where to find those… 😉



13. A love letter to…            Yeah I love Paris, London, New York and San Francisco too, but in my humble opinion love letters should be addressed to people, not places or things.


14. … Doesn’t look like this anymore                    Whao! XYZ cut his/ her hair.. major news! Why did I opened the page anyway! grrrr


15. The things I learned from… usually followed by not so impressive life experiences like: cutting my phone off for 2 hours, going vegan for one meal, trying meditation for 10 minutes or not drinking at one single party….

Just want to clap my hands and say: Yep congrats!


So despite the fact that those titles are wildly effective to generate traffic, I will pass, and that is my promise.

But I will use pictures of cute kitties instead!!! 😉

Miss Coco photography


Please meet Nini, she was rescued by my sister in law and her friends. Together, they financed the surgery that she needed as she was left in the street with a broken back. She has recovered amazingly and now lives with my sister in law who adopted her. She has many cat friends in her neighborhood and is loved and spoiled by my niece and nephew!

So what about you? Which post titles are the worst to you? Are you a cat or a dog person?!