1001 Nights photo shoot

Silky hair, glamorous eyes, dream like dresses and gorgeous models for a fun / hectic / crazy / inspiring / exhausting / fulfilling day. It felt like stepping in an Arabian Nights tales!

Corinne Hall beauty shot

Soon we’ll be taking this to the next level and will be shooting in Marrakech to include beautiful decors, even more gorgeous dresses and somehow include the vibes of  the city in the pictures ((wishful thinking!!)….

Corinne Hall beauty shot  Corinne Hall beauty shot  Corinne Hall beauty shot  Corinne Hall beauty shot

Looking back, I realized that this is the day, my friend and I embarked on a wonderful journey filled with excitement, challenges and loads of projects to come. A wonderful collaboration I am thankful for and which will hopefully continue to push me out of my comfort zone!