Cycle Syncing: It’s not easy to be a woman

Hormones fluctuation can be overwhelming.

For most people with hormonal fluctuations, in today’s world, in our crazy daily lives, it has become almost impossible to respect our natural cycles. Hormonal fluctuations means that one has different levels of energy and needs, depending on which week of their cycle they are on, but life doesn’t respect that. Life is organized in such a way, that you have to get up and be your charming self even if it’s a Monday and you just got your period. You have to deal with people, no matter what!


To be honest, I can’t complain too much on that front. I don’t have offsprings to take to school and therefore no school related annoying stuff to deal with. My partner manages the cleaning of his work related clothes. He almost always has 2 identical socks when going to the office… So, yeah, I have a pretty drama free life in general.

Last Monday, when the worst period, in a long time, came, I spent most of my day in bed.

I saw it coming. I felt it to be precise. Sunday was no walk in the park. My tummy started hurting but it was easily handled with a hot water bottle and tea. On Monday? No amount of tea could make me feel better. It wasn’t just my tummy, it was my whole body that needed a reset. My brain and even my soul wanted to get out of there!

Yes, I need to go back to my osteopath. She does wonders with the physical symptoms. Yes, I need to take Magnesium supplements!

My partner has learned over the years, to not annoy me on such days. I’m usually not asking for anything, but peace. Nowadays, a simple ‘I have my period’ is enough to keep him from any mischief. Sometimes I have to repeat myself and it gets a little ugly. I know he is generally concerned by my paleness on such days, so when I have to repeat myself for the second time, I now try to be a little nice. But don’t make me repeat it a third time, ok!?!

Anyway, I spent most of Monday in bed, slept a whole lot and still slept wonderfully at night. I actually woke up Tuesday feeling like a new woman! I truly needed such rest.

It got me thinking again of cycle syncing as I am kind of trying to get better at it.

What is cycle syncing?

Simply put cycle syncing is based on the concept that your needs are different, on the various phases of your cycle.

Your skin looks different, your energy levels are different, your sexual drive fluctuates and even your brain functions slightly differently, depending on the day of your cycle.

Cycle syncing is therefore about adapting your life to such phases and finding ways to support your body, the best way you can.

The four phases and general recommendations

There are plenty of detailed charts available online, which will tell you all about your hormones, what to eat exactly… Dive in if you wish to become an expert.

Here I’ll just summarise the basics:

Menstrual (New Moon): Usually a low energy phase. It is best to rest, reflect and set intentions. Be gentle, exercise lightly. Prefer warming food, think of your iron intake. And I would add: Don’t drink too much alcohol!

Follicular (Waxing Moon): Energy is rising and your brain is back on! Pfff! Begin taking action, initiate, creative projects. Increase exercise intensity & eat your greens & fermented food.

Ovulation (Full Moon): Go for it! You are shining, you are sexy!! Be in front of people, collaborate. Don’t forget to eat fruits, vegetables and almonds. Burn all that energy by doing HIIT workouts.

Luteal (Waning Moon): You are still full of energy but it is slowly decreasing. Complete tasks, stay focused, finish projects. Focus on strength training and yes, you can eat chocolate, it’s good for you! But maybe take magnesium supplements first.

Please note I’ve indicated the phase of the moon because this is what speaks to me most. Some are aligned with the new moon, some with the full moon, while some like to think of their cycles like seasons. It’s really up to you.

How is my cycle syncing at the moment?

Quite simple… Hum hum…

1 or 2 days before and 1 or 2 days after my period starts:

Don’t fuck with me! I have murderous impulse and you will be on the receiving end if you mess around.

Yes, I’m cold!

I may cry because I saw a video with the cutest puppy, or for no apparent reason at all. Let me be! No, don’t try to hold me, you are hurting me. Yes, you can pass me a tissue, but it’s best if you pretend you didn’t notice.

Don’t ask me anything. I’m not Alexa.

No, I don’t want to go to work and you probably don’t want to see me anyway. Don’t call me either, I probably won’t pick up the phone as it’s most likely on mute. If I pick up, you might regret it but you should still consider yourself lucky it was just a phone conversation!

I may bake a cake and eat the whole thing. Sure I will regret it the next day, but it doesn’t matter.

Yes, I will sleep an insane amount of time and I don’t need you to judge me for it. I’m not sick but my body is bleeding and it feels like the Niagara falls met a volcano, so sleep is a great option, to not feel any of it.

Yes, I may take a lengthly bath. Or feel like I want to take a bath and change my mind. Indeed I change my mind on everything.

I know I said yes when you offered to order Indian food, but I changed my mind, since I got the first bite and don’t feel like eating any of it.

Indeed I want to cry again. Or murder someone, anyone. Not sure really which one!

Why can’t you do this on your own? I’m not your mother, I don’t want to be your mother, why oh why?

If you ask for my opinion you will probably not like what you get. I won’t be proud of my answer in a few days.

Well, you kind of understand?! I often feel awful and really just want to be left alone!

The rest of my cycle

Oh hi! So happy to see you! Yes, let’s do this!! Of course, I can help you. Yes, I know where it is. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem…

OK, ok with one exception… Around ovulation, I can be moody as well and a little impatient.

Fairly simple overall, really.

For 2 to 4 days per month, I need peace and quiet to be mostly by myself, to recenter & refocus and the rest of the time I’m mostly my charming self. I think it works pretty well and is easy to manage.

For the rest of the month, I exercise, I eat plenty of greens all the times, I take my supplements, I take self care seriously, not just for a couple days per month…

One thing I have to be cautious with is my (vegan) protein intake. If I mess up, my periods are usually painful. I also have recently discovered that Magnesium deficiency is responsible for a lot of symptoms women encounter. Why did I know this earlier?? Why is it not common knowledge??! Is it?

How to start cycle syncing?

As you move through life, it’s important to learn from your own cycle. When doing so, you’ll accept yourself better and will be more in tune with your body.

To do so, you can take notes on how you feel over the course of a couple cycles, physically and mentally. Include notes on what you ate most, what supplements you took, what exercise you did, how was your stress level, if you had any outburst, etc.

After a couple cycles, you should have enough data to start analysing what seems to work and what seems to be problematic. And then take actions!

In such circumstances, I focus on one think at a time. It doesn’t mean I eat erratically, but my focus is on one thing only, like eating more greens, or paying attention to my protein intake. To focus on one think enables me to see more easily if the changes I made works or not. And then the next cycle, I change something else.

Overall it will take time but I think that’s ok. Anyway, your needs will evolve over times so cycle syncing is a long game.

Now, most importantly, be kind to yourself!

Honour yourself and the wonder you are. Being a woman is truly amazing and finding ways to be aligned with your cycle and your needs is truly rewarding.


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