Tips for the most romantic Valentine’s Day (on a budget)

Including the most important thing you can do, which will guarantee the best Valentine’s day. Works on other dates too!

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Times are rough and Valentine’s Day, which has become one of the biggest consumerism nightmare, is just around the corner.

One shouldn’t have to celebrate purely because of social pressure. However, if you really feel like it, if it’s a day that means something to you, then it probably is a good idea, not to break the bank for it.

It should be obvious to everyone that showing how much you appreciate someone isn’t measured by how much you spent on a gift, a restaurant or else. Getting into debt to say I love you, should never be required.

Some basic recommendations on things to consider, to plan a memorable, yet budget friendly, Valentine’s Day

Get inspiration online – There are so many amazing ideas online for budget friendly dates, DIY cards, recipes… See what might suits you and your partner. For DIY, do take into considerations what you already have. It isn’t a good idea to plan something which, for example, would required tools or supplies you do not own, or ingredients that are way too costly.

Be realistic – This year, Valentine’s Day is a week day. Chances are that you and your partner will be working all day. It is probably unrealistic to plan a 5 courses home cooked diner if you’ll be getting home late. It might not be best to plan an outdoor activity, because rain is really only romantic 3 seconds and in movies.

Do take into consideration their love language – Maybe your partner is someone who ‘needs’ gifts to feel loved. Maybe your partner is someone who prefers intimacy and physical touch. Taking into consideration their love language, into your plan, is really key.

Agree the plan with your partner – They might have a huge day at work planned ahead and chances they will be exhausted. A relaxing bubble bath may sound much better to them, than a night out or a movie marathon. They might absolutely love your idea, but would prefer if it was over the weekend, for example.

Don’t push your partner into doing something they don’t want to – introverts alert here! What you enjoy doing might be something your partner does just to please you. Maybe your ideas of the most romantic Valentine’s Day is their worst nightmare!

Take into consideration their own financial constrains – No one should go into debt for a gift and you may have different financial means. If you are serious about your relationship, then your combined financial future should be important to you.

Keep it simple – The nicest memories we have are often of the most simple things.

Now, I recognise that these recommendations might be easier for couples who have been together, for a certain amount of times.

In burgeoning love, there are a lot more uncertainty. If your relationship is new, don’t put the bar too high. Don’t make assumptions, especially on the financial side. Don’t agree on things, just to please them, but do not expect them to agree on plans just to please you either. This really paves the way for an unhealthy relationship. Don’t expect to be covered in diamonds… Instead see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to learn about each others, or just to have a good time.

What ever you plan, here is the most romantic thing you can do

So I stated, right at the beginning, that I would give you the one thing that guarantees the best Valentine’s day ever. I even said it works for all other dates. And maybe you are still wondering what it might be!?

It’s really simple actually… Give them your undivided attention.

Well, simple to say, but slightly more difficult to achieve. Most people are pretty bad at this.

You may think you aren’t, you may believe you are a unicorn and can totally spend 2 or 3 hours without checking your phone or thinking of something else. Are you really?!

The truth is our brains aren’t wired this way.

And yet, this is what most people crave, especially when in a relationship. Your partner undivided attention is the most precious gift.

Beware that this isn’t a gift to take lightly. It certainly isn’t an opportunity to rant about your work, your in-laws, their lack of whatever… This is a time to connect, to laugh, to learn about them.

I must say this also means a movie date isn’t, with this tip in mind, an appropriate way to spend Valentine’s Day. Obviously, when watching a movie, your focus isn’t on your partner. This tip works best in intimate settings.

Time to plan! Or not… it’s up to you!

It’s about time to dig into all these wonderful ideas floating online and to find the one(s) that suits you, to best show your appreciation for your loved one.

What ever you decide to do, hope you have a good Valentine’s Day.

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