April travel heals the soul

If you’ve been around here recently, you may know the last 6 months or so have been hell for me. Yet, when our friends from Kenya called us and said we needed to come, they didn’t need to insist for us to book our tickets.

Early April was intense because we had so much to deal with before leaving. For a start, all quarters starts for me with invoicing and accounting. There was also a trip to London and a trip to see my dad for Easter. We made progress on my tree house so I can’t complain.

And then it was time to take off. I didn’t know how to feel. I was lost as I had not handled any of the plans. Just the hotel reservation for the 2 first nights. That alone felt weird considering I always plan our trips.

This weird feeling dissipated the next day, when we really started our trip. I recalled i once there and simply couldn’t figure out why it had been there.

Now some may feel this is particularly uninteresting but where I’m getting to with this is that we often hear about following our guts. That it’s good to listen to ourselves, our instinct, our 6th sense. Well, it seems sometimes one’s 6th sense can be totally wrong!

And this leads to today’s nugget of wisdom!

Nugget of wisdom: do the wild thing even when, what sound like your 6th sense tells you not to do it!

It seems that that little voice in your head isn’t always telling you things in your best interest. Some experts might tell you in this case it isn’t your higher self, it’s your ego, maybe some would say it is your fear. Not sure. It seems that I certainly can’t make out the difference. Too much noice up there! I’m assuming I’m far from the only one in this situation.

I certainly often have a sense of what’s coming. However, in the days preceding this trip, I had no clue what to make of what I was feeling. And I still don’t know and it seems I will never know what it was about.

The trip was absolutely marvelous, stunning, envigorating, fun… Nothing happened at home, my dad is fine, my phone was buzzing with bank notifications telling me my invoices were getting paid… Everything was just perfect.

You may recall, I had written a letter to my higher self a while back. I was asking for clarity in the messages. After a while I thought it had worked but now I’m wondering if I should write a new one!

Hippos - Masai Mara, Kenya

Gratefulness and achievements

I am so grateful for the trip we took! I can’t rave enough about how marvellous it was. Incredible, amazing, exhilarating…

That’s it really. It’s the whole thing I’m thankful for, as much as the sum of all the little things. The serenity we had, the amazing places we went to. The animals, the people, the night sky, the landscapes, the food, the laughter… All the little things and how they filled my soul with joy. How they filled my heart with love.

I came back at peace. Rejuvenated. Eager to travel again.

Ostrich - Tsavo, Kenya

This is a male ostrich butt! Saying it just in case! Feathers are normally white but the Tsavo land is red so here it is!

What I read

I had started my ‘April book’ in March so I finished it early and started my May book. OK it’s confusing!

My April book was Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are. I can’t say I was impressed but then again I probably didn’t do the work as thoroughly as one probably should.

For May, I had to pick up something totally unrelated to self-help. Something that was going to be helpful for the things I have to handle. It is fascinating and yet so hard. No need to expand!

Not sure yet, but after our trip to Kenya, I don’t feel the need for self help anymore.

Looking forward

After having spent more than 2 weeks in Kenya, I thought it would be hard to look forward to anything in my mundane life! I was wrong. I suddenly felt the need to travel more again. I felt energized and more ready than ever to tackle what was just put on hold.

Traveling is healing! Go pack a suitcase!!

You clicked for the pictures, not my rambling, so here are a few more. I have a lot more to post in the future but you’ll have to come back!

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