Resistance bands makes working out more effective… especially when traveling

Pack a resistant band in your suitcase and keep up with your workouts, even when on the go!

Resistance bands ready to go

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I’ve been on the go a lot lately, maybe a little too much for my liking. Because of this, there are times when working out has been extremely low on my to do list.

But we all know that working out makes life easier! It really does. So I have been trying really hard to fit some exercising into my schedule, even when I’m away from home.

And I found that there is one thing that makes every little workout better and it is a resistance band!

Resistance bands make workouts more effective

Technically, you don’t need any tools to workout, get a good sweat or a good stretch. Just move your body, really!

But resistance bands are so versatile that adding them to your workout makes such workouts, just a little more effective.

If you have used resistance bands before, I’m sure you know what I mean! It’s impressive how this little thing can make almost any exercise hurt a little more, isn’t it?!

If you haven’t use resistance bands before, you really should try. This little contraption will make your glut beg for mercy!

Resistance bands are versatile

You may or may not already know but I am a Pam fan! I started my series on ‘my new body‘ almost 2 years ago when I discovered Pamela Reif and I’ve never looked back, even if I haven’t always managed.

Pamela has the ability to send your abs to heaven 🙂 without any tools!

But Pam does use resistance bands in some of her videos and I got hooked! Because it’s fun, versatile and shakes things up.

When an exercise has become too easy, you can often add a resistance band to make it a little harder.

You can add a resistance band to keep a good posture.

You can also use them to deepen your stretches or bridge the gap, when you are not quite there yet.


Resistance bands come in all sorts of form, length, width, resistance and colour

Just go for a classic one! or a classic set. And then eventually explore other option. But all you need is one to start with.

Having said that, I want to point out that there seems to be 2 main material used for resistance bands. Either latex / rubber, either elastic fabric. Mine are elastic fabric and I haven’t tried rubber ones so I can’t really compare. But I don’t think it makes a whole lot of difference which one you chose and it’s simply a matter of preference. You need to try, to see what fits best for you.

When choosing, think of your usual workout clothes, if you will use the band directly on your skin or on your clothes and what material you may prefer.

Latex/rubber bands tend to twist more it seems. They can snap / tear which is probably unpleasant.

Fabric ones can roll up, especially if not wide enough. You can’t just wipe the sweat out.

Both have pros and cons.

I’m fine with mine so I guess I’m lucky!

Resistance bands are inexpensive

Adding resistance bands to your workouts is inexpensive way to step up your game!

You can buy one for less than $5 or a bundle like the one below for something like $10-12.

Choosing a resistance band isn’t like buying a Tesla so don’t sweat it, if it turns out, you don’t like your first one that much.

I’m absolutely not recommending you to just trash it, if you don’t like it. Maybe a friend will appreciate it. Maybe you can find ways to use it differently.

I’m just saying it cost less than a latte so it seems to me like a very small purchase, which can have a great effect!

Resistance band

Resistance bands are light weight and small!

And this, my friend, is the best reasons why a resistance band is an amazing travel companion. It takes no space in your suitcase, weights nothing and still brings joy!

Admittedly it does bring pain when in use, but since it’s the good sort of pain you are looking for, you should try it!

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