May was glorious!

Glorious & magical! It has been a transformative month, physically & emotionally. A month of acceptance and actions. What it is really happening, I don’t know, but I feel like I’ve moved on from a lot of things, have made progress on what needs to be done and most importantly, I’m getting closer to being ready for what’s brewing under the surface!

As you’ll see below, nothing extraordinary happened and yet everything felt extraordinary.

But then again, and you know the drill by now but, I’ll write it again anyway: you don’t really need to read this. I’m journalling and keeping track of what it’s like to live in a pandemic. Spoiler… It’s just called living. With masks on, with some restrictions but overall it hasn’t been horrible for me. As the title suggest, May was actually great!

Camping sunrise
The last sunrise of my camping trip! Don’t be fooled, it rained every single day!!!

Note: This post include affiliated links in the ‘best buy of the month’ section. If you decide to make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Ok, I have to start by mentionning something that made me laugh… It seems that despite the fact that April wasn’t completely horrible, I couldn’t wait for it to be over! I posted my April recap on the 28th!

May snapshots

The 2 first weeks went by like a blink of the eyes. Between work and work, I didn’t have time to organise a lot of other things. But I managed to order tires for my future 2nd motorcycle and a few other bits needed!

Incredibly, I managed to draw for part 3 of my project! One drawing a day, for most days it lasted. Little progress that accumulate!

And then it was time for a much needed ‘vacation’! As mentioned in my April recap, I had planned to spend 10 days at my dad’s place, camping and dog sitting.

That week turned out amazing! It was messy, busy, crowded and way too full for my usual self but I loved it.

Dog sitting
My buddy for a week! Pondering life and wondering why she had to get up so early!

When I came back, I crashed, but surprisingly for only 2 days! And back to work and more drawing.

Sounds like not much but times just flies by.

Most importantly, when I got back, I got vaccinated!! Yep yep hooray!! I really didn’t think it would happen that fast! I was less than optimistic last month. But we got the invits 🤩 And 1st shot didn’t slow me down. Let’s hope the 2nd one is the same.

Yes I kept the bandaids for a while, just to take a picture of them! Yes, it may be a little gross but actually there was no blood so…

The take out

May was just great! It filled my heart with happy memories and my soul with this feeling that I am blessed.

There has been so many synchronicity since the letter I wrote to my higher self, it’s mind blowing. So many perfect timings, so many ‘it’s the last the one‘ and I got it, a handful of small events, just like in March, with my Singer oil can and plenty of happy circumstances.

I’m really glad I wrote such letter. It made things easier.

Although, to be honest, I still don’t have clarity on what’s next. At least, the roller coaster of February seems to be far behind and I’m feeling much better. I believe that if I don’t yet have clarity, it is mostly because I have to finish all that’s on my plate first, so part 3 of my big project is still a priority and must be finished asap.

However, as mentioned time and time again, the back and forth trips, to be with my dad, are taking a toll on me. The long drive is exhausting and my health is suffering. When I came back from my last April weekend, my gut was wreaking havoc and so I took drastic measures. Because being vegan isn’t drastic enough!! 😉 I cut out all bread, all added sugar, anything slightly prepared like tofu or soy cream, etc. and ate super simple (and yes, slightly boring… Not going to share those recipes!) for over a month: carrots, zucchini, broccolis, beets, rice, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas… I had quinoa pasta once or twice to please my partner who was really getting tired! And I added probiotics to my list of supplements. It took a few days to feel better but as day passed, I kept going just feeling great about it.

At this point, I feel so much better, I don’t really want to go back actually!

Exercising with Pam has helped as well. As time goes by, I feel better and better.

There was a downer along the way…

Realizing all those adds meant Mother’s day was approaching was a little hard at first. It kicked me in the gut, really. So I decided to reclaim Mother’s day for myself. And it turned out to be a great decision! Facelift massages & face drainages had such an impact, I’m blown away!

Little follow ups

NMN? Yes I continue and I can’t say that it has obvious effect but than again, I feel much better overall, so it may be partly responsible. In addition, despite the below (Pam!) I don’t suffer from these after ward. Faster recovery is a sign that it may well be working!

Pam? Yes, I’ve been doing some more, a lot more! And I suppose I swear a little less, although some days do not end up well! 😉 if you don’t know who I’m talking about, check her out and try, even for 10mn 😉

Minty? I spent 10 days at my dad and didn’t get to drive once. It rained every single day. That was a bit of a disappointment as I thought I would use that week to make great improvements to my driving technique. Then again, there are only 24 hours in a day and these went by like a blink!

Pandemic fatigue? Didn’t have much time to think about that!

Sewing? Very little. A few repairs, and that’s it. The saddle is still waiting and my head is filling with up with ideas of things I should try to sew.

Best buy of the month?

Well there were a couple things! You can tell my no buy challenge is over!!

Charcoal sticks

My Bobble died (Bobble is a brand of refillable water bottles which have their own filters). I decided to not buy a new one but I wasn’t entirely convinced at first that those activated charcoal sticks were really efficient. I can’t really say if they filter all that should be filtered. But so far so good in terms of taste. Please do note that there are a lot of discussions online on which wood such sticks should be made off. I really had no clue what to choose!

The recycled glass bottle is what we use at home but I also have a stick in the not so sexy water bottle I cary around!

Chalkboard Labels

Bought these waterproof labels to mark the spice glass jars I’ve been getting. For long time, the only organic spices we could get were in a plastic jar. I hate those! And suddenly my organic shop started selling spices in glass jar. I think they are perfect so, slowly but surely, I’m replacing all the plastic by glass. Since I don’t buy the all range but do have some that they don’t sell, I reuse these jar for other spice and use these labels to identify what is what.

There are going to look great in my future new kitchen!

And these are going to be used for the 2021 Troussepinette cuvée and that is next level!!

I tested both markers but I’m going to go with the white because I prefer that color with the leads of the not-special -yet-perfect-glass-jars!


As mentioned above, my digestive system was wreaking havoc when I came back from my last March weekend at my dad’s place and I added probiotics to a super simple & soothing diet. The 2 together really made a difference and jumped start a much needed health recovery to be able to continue to do what I do.

Disease begins in the gut so I needed to be proactive about it!

Something I learned?

OK, this is random, but it might be the most crazy thing I learned this month: There are volcanos erupting, all the times, all over the world! We kept hearing about the one in Congo recently and I’m sorry for the people who have suffered because of it. But look at the maps shown on the Volcano Discovery website and you might be amazed too!

Random, I know!!

Any plans or highlight for June?

More riding, please!! When at my dad’s place, it rained absolutely every single day. Minty did not get out. That was a disappointment. On the other side, we made great progress on the renovation of the second bike. Engine is rebuilt! And now, it’s time to take it appart again! We’re going to see our wrench (!) mid June and I’m super excited. It’s been so long since we last saw him. That’s going to be a great day.

And then there is the second shot of vaccine!! Dreading the 2nd one a bit! But summer will be so much more care free!!

There were glorious moments in between showers!

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