April… in lockdown again!

Time is a construction of mankind and we are in a time loop… and in lockdown again!

Technically, where I live, we are not in lockdown. But the feeling is still real, as being confined within the borders of such a small country makes it too obvious.

No mater, my optimism and joyfulness came back! Not a minute too early after the mess March was.

Spring flowers

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April snapshots

We escaped! Right before the French new lockdown, we took off, for the Easter week-end. We came back earlier than originally planned too, but that was perfect, as I so wanted to get back home.

I’m glad my partner got to spend a few days out of our tiny lives. He got some sunshine, space, green, peace… All the things you get in the countryside. But when he is with me at my dad, such times are even more tiring for me. More cleaning, more cooking, less relaxation and still 1000 things to do in the garage. Yes I was eager to come back home!

So, we got home earlier and so I got to do my quarterly invoices earlier too. Double win! The earlier you send your invoices, the earlier you get paid!

At last, I got back to my pencils and drew…

April drawings
Some drawings…

Finished up my project part 2, sent it out and headed back to… yeah my dad’s place! My life may seem boring and on repetition but on that glorious week-end, I drove Minty and it was amazing! didn’t yet tried the 3rd gear but I did drive past 20 miles/hour and that is a mile stone!

One thing I didn’t mention in my March recap is that toward the end of the month, I kicked my booty and started exercising more intensively with the help of Pamela Reif. It hurts! Like so many others, I do insult her during the videos! Well, just a bit, when I can catch my breath. So actually most of the insults usually come afterward. But gosh am I glad I found her.

I had never ever before liked this sort of workout videos. It just wasn’t for me. And there she suddenly appeared in my life with a bang and major soreness, but I love her for it!

As planned, I’ve been watching my little seeds grow and struggle slightly as they’ve been fighting for room. It is fascinating to see new little leaves in the morning and notice they got bigger when evening comes.

Forest of coriander
My little jungle of coriander & basil is growing!

Talking about growing, I have finally invested some money with 2 online platforms. These are similar to Robinhood and Acorns but for Europeans. There is a 3rd one and maybe a 4th, I want to test but I feel I should better understand the functioning of the first 2 before.

I’m really excited because I finally took the plunge! I’m very cautious with my money and very stupid at the same time. This is a major step for me, despite the amounts invested so far!

The take out

April felt good overall! It went by very fast but I crossed many things out of my to-do lists although there are plenty more items on there.

I didn’t get to sew anything but I did get this cool Singer oil can, which was in my dad’s garage! Why was it there?! No idea, but now, it is mine. What’s weird is that I was considering buying one and was looking on Ebay just days before. The Universe delivered once more! Thank you very much, I love it!

My ‘new’ vintage Singer oil can which still needs some TLC.

It’s weird, I wrote a lot but didn’t post a lot and what I posted was well… Like, I probably should have not publish my rant about our new apartment. But then again, these are things I do want to remember. If anything, just to be sure I never, ever buy off the plan ever again! Never!! f#@$ing Hell!

Now, on the less optimistic side?

The lockdowns and evolution of the pandemic weighted down on me. Some countries are doing better, others are drowning and in the middle of that, it’s hard to know anything. I only know my partner and I are still far away from getting an invitation for the vaccin.

Going to see my dad is usually a relief from ‘real life’. I am in a bubble there, a happy bubble of green and freedom.

Yet, it was different at Easter and coming back home felt odd. Were we allowed to travel in the first place? Did we take necessary risks? It is mind blowing to think of all the restrictions in place, it is tiring, confusing when you have to deal with different countries…

Once more, I absolutely know that my situation is a gazillion lightyears away from what some other people are living. I really have nothing to complain about. But since there were moments, little events and little things that weighted down on me and since I’m journalling, I writing it to remember. Not every moment of every day was peachy.

Best buy of the month?

My vitamins refill! Especially the B12 vitamins: and the combo D3+K2. #AffiliatedLinks

I used to only use the D3 but since I tried the D+K combo, I feel better.

(On a side note, I’m still using NMN but I can’t say if it changes something or not – will keep you posted)

Vitamins by Vegavero

My biggest spending of the month? A new iPhone! Well, I have been saying for at least 1 year and a half, maybe even 2 years that I needed to change it. My phone was something like 8 years old, so I guess it was a pretty good run for my money. I hope this one will last as long.

I feel very fancy now, with my new phone! It’s going to get some used to but for now, I’m super glad I don’t have to delete pictures and apps every time I need to update something!

Any plans or highlight for May?

A full week at my dad’s place which is going to include some dog & cat sitting, camping and riding Minty!

I have a lot of work to handle before this and better get cracking…

To a glorious month of May!


Pssss… This is Pamela, in case you don’t know her!

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