March?… Wait?! What was March?

Yes, I’m keeping up with this monthly recap thing, for now. Not sure why, I guess I kind of want to remember life during a pandemic.

I want to recall what it was like, how my days were going by, what I managed to achieve despite it all. How I felt. The good and the ugly. This is, after all, an extraordinary period we get to live. Pandemic aren’t unusual per-say, as humanity has been through probably hundreds of them over the centuries. However, for us, 21st century humans to live one like this one? It does feel like an extraordinary event, one that will have its own chapter in history books in the future.

Once again, and again and again, I’ll say it: you don’t really need to read this. I’m journalling and reminding myself that when darkness comes, it also often goes. That it’s ok to be down, it’s ok to be mad, it’s ok to be annoyed, jealous, f*#@ing mad or else, sometimes and as long as you let go soon enough. Let go and do your things!


If you decide to read anyway, although you have been warned that this isn’t interesting, do know that there may be one or 2 affiliated links below. So if you decide to make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

And if you decide to read this because you’re feeling down, at least you’ll get to see that you’re not alone.

March snapshots

The first half of the month went by, without me realizing it. After coming back from my dad’s place, I was on zombie mode. It wasn’t pretty. Recovery was way too long. The exhaustion added to the February rollercoaster and I felt that I would not manage to get back up. Extended naps helped the recovery, not my productivity!

It may sounds weird that I need a ‘recovery period’ from spending the weekend at my dad’s place, but I don’t see a better word to describe it.

Eventually, I did feel slightly better and was able to do a bit more than work and sleep!

Saddle cover because my 1923 Singer is amazing that way! Seriously, the number of layer of jean in certain areas is impressive! No broken needle either!

First, I did sew the saddle cover I wanted to. It’s not fashion approved sewing! But it still shall serve its purpose which is to protect the saddle from our dirty fingers when handling the motorcycle. Now I ‘just’ have to sew a new saddle! Ouch, that shall be a new challenge!

This got me into a bit of a sewing groove so I gave a go to a new project, with some of the fabric I had bought. The fabric I was dreading to use and ruin. It turned out a great success! And the sleeves, whoa! This made me so happy!

Puffy sleeve... finally
This sleeve!! 😍😍

On the 16th, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the first lockdown. That’s the date at which it happened where I live. Champagne! Last year, the weather was glorious and we had our first aperitif on the terrace. We were celebrating how well behave we had been on that first day! That sounds so over the top now, but was not a given when that day started! Now? We survive one year of this!! It was absolutely worth celebrating.

By that time, it was pretty much time to go back to see my dad!

However I did have a haha moment right before this trip. I was struggling to get an appointment to get my mandatory PCR test. There were just no availabilities. One desperate morning, I decisively said ‘I need an appointment on this day. Just one available slot‘. A little later I went online to check again, having forgotten of what I had sent to the universe a little earlier. And there it was. A single available slot! I booked it immediately and when I received the email confirmation, I noticed it had been received at 11:11 🙂

This type of synchronicity usually doesn’t do much to me, hence the letter to my Higher-self I had written a couple days before this. But this time, I thought the message was clear and I said thank you!

The second March week-end at my dad was great. We got the flywheel out! Most surprisingly, it didn’t take me as long to recover and I was able to get back to work and end the month on a high note, work wise, in addition to some some seeds planting for the full moon, a bit of drawing and some sewing! Major achievements here considering how the month started!

flywheel out!
Flywheel is out!

The take out

Well, I thought I should diagnose myself with pandemic fatigue as it seems even introverts get hit eventually. But I came to the conclusion that it most likely isn’t just pandemic fatigue.

The beginning of the month was just a blur. I was dizzy from the February roller coaster. I could not focus on anything. Felt jet bolts of energy (which I link to the NMN testing!) followed by complete depletion. In addition, I had hoped for March to bring clarity. It took it sweet time to do so and didn’t bring extraordinary answers.

In the middle of this, I did a lot of Spring cleaning. Clean your windows to get a clear head, they say! Maybe it helped a bit. My windows are thankful anyway.

Now? My feet are still itching again. But I still have nowhere to go, except my dad’s place of course and that is not something I take for granted.

Overall, I just don’t know what is going on.

Best buy of the month?

Two wonderful, glorious candlesticks! More are going to be bought as soon as I find the right ones.

They are glorious now but they were far from glorious when I got them. The first one needed some TLC as previously shown and actually the second one arrived broken in 2! That was quite a challenge but it turned out ok as you can admire it here!

broken vintage candlestick
Candlestick in kit

Notice how I did get to the vintage part of my spending decision, after all!

Although I also bought this big, fat chain! #AffiliatedLink This is to protect my bike but I can use it to work out too. 😉

What’s planned for April?

Highlights for April

An extended Easter week-end at my dad’s place. More painting, more mechanics… The usual!

April is invoicing month and that is highly stressing for me.

I’m looking forward to see my little seeds sprout. Watching them grow everyday in April is going to be a treat!

Such an exciting life! 😒


I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo in so much space…

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