Embracing the cycle of seasons

Summer solstice is coming fast and I wish I could say I have amazing plans for such solstice…

But no. Instead of dancing around a flourished pole, or drinking and having a barbecue with friends, singing around a bonfire or else, I’ll be getting my second vaccine jab!

So yeah, no drinking, no dancing and most likely no celebration of any sorts because vaccines aren’t that fun!

Embracing the cycle of seasons

I’ve been wanting to celebrate the cycle of seasons and completely failing at it!

I’ve been trying for a while to embrace the seasonal changes and I have been trying to plan some sorts of celebrations for the Winter & Summer Solstices, the Spring & Autumn Equinoxes or even Halloween.

Yet, despite all my wishes, there is always something else that comes in the way of my plans!

For this Summer solstice, it’s the vaccine.

For the last Winter Solstice, I was on the road and perfectly exhausted upon arrival. I really tried for the last Halloween! But something professional came up…

Last supper Moon? It was pouring rain…

This June solar eclipse? I’ll be on the road!

Yeah, the list goes on and I’ve been wondering why!

Maybe I’m seeing this the wrong way

Getting the vaccin, now, was unexpected. My partner and I did not think we would get the invitation before something like September! Yes, the vaccin is on invitation where we live.

Indeed getting vaccinated now, is a blessing.

We got the 1st invitation, the day before we were living on vacation in May. Actually, we were going to live a day earlier and I decided to postpone. If I had not done so, we would have missed the invitation and actually missed the window to register for the shot. In addition, at first, it appeared that all the available dates were during our vacations. That was a bummer because I was going to be dog sitting and couldn’t and didn’t want to have to come back earlier. But at the last minute, we found an appointment that was fitting. An appointment right after our vacation, on a bank holiday, at a time that was convenient. A little bit of a miracle there.

We received the confirmation for our appointments and I noticed right away that the second shot was on June 21. I was actually excited!

Excited because this meant that by early July, we would be free to roam! Which is fitting considering my Birthday is early July and I always take off, for my Birthday!

A blessing indeed!

Although it is true that I will most likely spend the Summer solstice a little down. And although I will probably get to bed early instead of dancing around a bonfire, the vaccin means I will have a glorious summer!

Dwelling on the actual solstice celebration feels ridiculous when I think about it this way!

Because now, I feel like I received the greatest Birthday gift!

For my Birthday, I will be receiving the gift of freedom! In the form of a vaccin, which is weirdly on trend!!

A gift meticulously planned in advance, with part of it being not so pleasant. But hey! It is still the best possible gift, this year at least.

Freedom to cross the boarder of our tiny host country, without a care. Freedom to at least stand close(r) to my dad. Freedom to roam, maybe even on Minty…

Getting vaccinated, feels now like the best possible way to celebrate the Summer solstice.

And I realized that maybe, I wasn’t paying attention enough to the things that really happened on the other ‘missed’ celebrations, as I was a little too focused on the fact that my plans were trashed.

You might be seeing the glass half empty instead

I hear you say: “Well, you could have got an appointment on the 22nd. Celebrate the Solstice on the 21 and still get the freedom by early summer.

Yes, I agree! And there is not much I can add apart maybe that blessings work sometimes in mysterious ways or maybe even that manifestation isn’t always perfect, if any manifestation powers were at play here.

Do the actual dates even matter?

I’m starting to wonder, really! I mean, one can marvel at the trees turning all shades of yellow, orange and red without necessarily doing so on the 21st of September. One can admire the special shades of the Autumn sunrises, the shimmering frost of a winter morning, the blissful sun of a Spring afternoon. You know, when the temperature is just right, not too hot, not too cold and trees are dancing in the forest, awakening and flowering.

One can do all such things without a care of what the calendar says!

Sure, solstice and equinox aren’t just any dates in the calendar. They are very specific dates, with very specific planetary alignments which seem almost like magical events. Eclipses certainly do require you to be present at a very specific time!

Just go with the flow

For now, I’m just going to let go and free myself from any pressure to respect any specific ‘occasions’. I’ll be driving during the next sun eclipse, so what! I’ll just be more careful than usual. Getting vaccinated for the Summer solstice? Just rejoice!!

No more pressure, no more plans that get disrupted!

This might have been what was to be learned, in all these missed plans. Maybe, maybe not, only time will tell.

And I’m sure time will come when I get to gloriously celebrate the Earth seasonal changes, it’s just not right now.

As for now, I have my own and very personal seasonal cycles to focus on anyway. And then again maybe, that is what it’s been all about. Maybe all these failed plans were there to tell me that connecting to myself first, on a deep level, should have been my priority.

Yes, I’ll still going to celebrate my Birthday!! I don’t think I’ll manage a full Birthday week-off this year, but that’s ok too!

Yes, I can still marvel at the glorious sunrise on the 21st June, even if I’ll probably miss the sunset 😉

I’ve said it before, but I’m really starting to think that not everything we want, should actually happen. A lot of time, we don’t even truly know what we want. And more often than not, we don’t actually want the right thing.

Learning to listen to ourselves, to understand ourselves, our true need and our true desires is an exercice that can last a lifetime it seems.

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