February gave me wanderlust but no where to go

February is short and yet felt like I could accomplish so much! And I did, somehow, a little, maybe, yeah sure… I did!


Note that I am repeating what I said with my January recap: You don’t need to read, I’m just journaling. I’m also sometimes trying to be funny, so you probably / definitively should not continue reading!

Note: This post include one affiliated link. If you decide to make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Pretty stupid, considering I’m telling you not to read! Oh well!

February snapshots

As anticipated, I was with my dad for his birthday and I got to give him the montage of the Indian. I thought it was done and when I checked the day before sending it to the printer, I noticed I was still missing parts. That was extremely stressful and such a painful rush to fix the issues. But once it was printed? Whoa! I couldn’t wait to give it to my dad.

But then my dad noticed some more missing bits… So there was another round of long evenings spent, with Photoshop!

You can see it here

Apart from that, I managed to paint some more parts of the second motorcycle and juggled between things to do. It was exhausting but so satisfying. I wish I stayed longer. I did stay longer on my second week-end there and did make further progress, thanks to the abnormally glorious weather!

Learning new things!!

In my January recap, I had indicated some important dates for February, some highlights. So what happened with those? Well…

Despite my anticipation, Chinese New Year didn’t feel such a big deal this year. For a long time, I’ve felt more aligned with Chinese New Year than January 1st, but somehow this year was different.

Valentine’s day? Hum… well… can’t say much about it 😉

There was also my favorite cousin’s birthday. This year, I wasn’t there with her. I didn’t go to spend the week end. She had friends over and this left me a bitter sweet taste. I have been social distancing for a year now. Mostly to protect my dad. She has been having her mostly regular social life, while adapting it slightly to curfews and other restrictions. Her social life is a lightyear away from my non-existing social life. It did get me to wonder if maybe I’m being too careful? If I should do, like so many others, and just enjoy life? But I came back to my regular senses. And the answer is no! Because I can’t be responsible for killing my dad. Simple straight forward answer!

Apartment wise, I had hoped for some progress but not much happened. Dito for my sewing! Just stress, a lot of stress…

How was February handled?

Like a champ! Well, mostly… Actually not really… it was a roller coaster. I had major ups and downs! At some point, I was doing great, working on my projects and being super organized and productive. But at other times, I was completely out.

I’m always exhausted when I come back from my dad’s place. We joke that I have to go back to work, to rest! But it is quite true. However the roller coaster wasn’t just about my physical state, this month. There was something else and I can’t quite pin point it yet.

As usual, once I had physically recovered, I couldn’t wait to go back, I was itching to go back. I needed the time, the space, the woods, the quietness… all the things I find there. Yet, I wanted more than that. I dreamt of freedom and had an intense & slightly painful urge to travel. But reality being what it is, I didn’t get more. What I got was plenty anyway and was still enough to fill me with joy & anticipation, during the 2-3 weeks I have to spend at home, in between my trips.

Mountains' dream

Like I started doing in January, I usually focused my days on 2 or 3 tasks and this kept me focused. I have now mostly crossed another big project from my to do list and it fells great. Well, technically, I crossed part 2 of a 3 parts project. So one more to go!

I had never really realized how frustrating it was, to have all these projects hanging above my head. For the longest time, I even thought it was cool, to always have one project ahead! Like it was reinsuring to know I’ll still have something to do. Now? I kind of have the feeling that these were responsible for some of the confusion I felt sometimes. That not being able to finalize some, prevented me from focusing on the others, etc.

The take out and the ugly

Let’s get the ugly out of the way.

It is getting harder and harder for me to feel any compassion for people who keep complaining about the present situation. I’ve said it before. Not putting everyone in the same box, obviously, but a lot of people who complain, just truly have little to complain about.

I guess, I just really need to distance myself from people, even more than a pandemic has led to. It’s scary! It is just self preservation. Nowadays, it’s a little bit hard because most people tend to complain at one point or another! Wait?! We’re all doing so at one point or another, me included! Aaarrggghhh I don’t know what to do!

The take out now? Confusion!

What happened to February isn’t clear. I was tired a lot, restless often. Like a child anticipating a trip to Disneyland, I felt that something was coming but I still have no idea what it might be.

Hopefully, March will bring clarity? Spoiler, it hasn’t so far!

Best buy of the month?

No soldering iron this month! Nothing special like that!

I did buy a hot water bottle. #AffiliatedLink

This is in anticipation of our new apartment actually. In the one we are currently renting, there is a micro wave which is solely used to heat up the hot & cold pack when heat is needed. In the new apartment, we won’t have a microwave (because there is no point!) so a hot water bottle will come handy.

It is so soft, and works so well and for so long. Much longer than the hot and cold pack actually. As mentioned, I was feeling extremely tired when I got back from my dad and then my period started. This hot water bottle felt so good in that moment! Like a hug, but better! 😉

And I finally got a frame for a little souvenir my partner brought me back from China. Beware, this is not suitable for the office!

Framed Chinese Erotic Scrimshaw

This is a Chinese Erotic Scrimshaw. Not a fan that this is made on bones (obviously) but what is done is done.

The most significant purchases of this month was however NMN & Resveratrol! Yes anti-aging stuff! Supposedly. I’ve only been taking those for a week and I do feel more energetic but it is too early to confirm any real effects. It is going to be a costly experiment but hopefully a worthy one.

Note that I am mentioning these things because of me tracking my expenses with a magnifying glass!

Any plans for March?

Work on part 3 of the big project I’ve been on for a while although I’m not anticipating to finish. For March is always a difficult work month with too many deadlines.

I’ll have a second week-end at my dad’s place (At the time of writing this, I have just came back from one) so progress shall be made on motorcycle number 2!

Some gardening has to happen! Last year experiment was not a great success but it was fun!

A saddle has to be sew… yep

Highlights for March?

There are no real highlights in March for me. No fun dates, nothing special to anticipate. 😦 Yeah, I feel a little sad writing. I guess, sometimes it’s a good thing to have a fairly blank calendar?!

Nether the less, I shall pay attention to the March 13 New Moon and welcome Spring on the 20th with some cleaning and gardening.

And I guess I shall raise a glass or 2 on March 16th, to celebrate the anniversary of the 1st lockdown! Yeah!!! 😒


Happy end of Winter to you!

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