The spiralizer: the kitchen tool that will make veggies fun to eat!

Do you want to eat more veggies? Add a fun way to present them? Your kids & partner aren’t cooperating when you want them to eat something else than pizza? The spiralizer might be the answer to your prayers!

spiralizer - mess in progress

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What is a spiralizer and what it does?

The spiralizer is a tool that allows you to cut your veggies like a samurai, while keeping all your fingers.

It can make curly chips from anything you can make chips from. It can make zucchini, carotte or even sweet potatoes noodles… shred that cabbage or onion better than a Jedi… It’s a bit magic! And such a useful tool to have.

Once you get a hang of it, and it really isn’t hard, you’ll want to spiralize everything!

spiralizer master
Yes, it can get messy but hey… please do notice how there is no blood here!

The other advantages of a spiralizer

Generally the vegetables you spiralize (ok, it doesn’t seem to be a verb! Why?) will take a short amount to cook.

Zucchini noodles are a great example of this. They are thin and cook in a blink compare to slices or chunks.

Therefore you save 1. time – 2. money on electricity or else – 3. you preserve vitamins!

It really doesn’t get much better.

Now, there is one big issue with most spiralizer out there…

The issue with most spiralizer is plastic!

Most spiralizer are made from plastic except from a few parts, like the blades. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating, it’s unnecessary.

If you look at the most common complaints about these, it is that they break and can’t be repaired. Obviously.

More plastic in your kitchen is not something you should want.

Thankfully, there are all metal spiralizer out there! Hooray!

A few years back, I wanted a spiralizer and went looking for one, in the depth of the web. When I realized they were all plastic, I almost gave up. They all looked like the cheap stuff that are sold by vociferous sales man on Sunday’s French markets too and that didn’t help.

Internet being sometimes miraculous, shortly after such a failed attempt, a vegan advocate I was following, showed the metal one she had found and I felt blessed!

So here is my spiralizer, in all its stainless steel simple and small glory! My precious! It’s a couple years old now and still works wonder.

My glorious metal spiralizer

Yes, it has little suction cups / feet which are obviously plastic as well as the little seals and part of the handle but that’s it. And that’s a miracle compare to some others.

There are a few complaints with spiralizer

Veggies size and the way they have to be cut, to fit the spiralizer can be an issue.

The little bit that is left at the end is sometimes slightly mushed.

Sometimes your carrot breaks in the process! Arrghhh!

I personally often make a total mess.

So yeah, some slight complaints but nothing major that can’t be handled!

spiralized zucchini

A couple recipes I like to do with my spiralized veggies

Today, we’ll be eating zucchini noodles.

The vegan zucchini noodles

Spiralize oignons and zucchinis. Start cooking your onions, with or without garlic depending if you’ll be wearing a mask today or not, or if you have a date, an important meeting, or intend to passionately kiss your lover… ok, so garlic is optional! Add some tofu, or like here some lupin based filet. Yes, I added a few dried cranberries too because, why not! Stir for a while, add your zucchini noodles, spices (I love coriander with zucchinis, don’t crucifie me!) Cook lightly, add cherry tomatoes… Voila!

spiralized Zucchini noodles

My other favorite recipe?

The simple raw carrot salad

Spiralize your carrots. If it went too well and they are longer than 3 spaghettis, cut them in slightly short pieces. Add your favorite nuts and dressing. Top-up with fresh herbs. And voila!

spiralized carrots ninja

Yes, I have said it before, I’m so #NotaFoodBlogger!

Hummm, ok so let me expand just a little.

If I’m going to add something to the spiralized carrots, I’m going to make sure these ingredients have a different shape and/ or a different color.

So, indeed, sometimes, I add chuck or slices of apples or dried cranberries, or goji berries. Sometimes I add corn, tofu bits, lentils or even beets and even sometimes all the above!

The spiralized carrots can be the glory they are on their own, or can serve as a base for a more complete meal. It really depends of the mood!

Pssss… If you don’t fancy carrots, cucumbers are also easy to spiralize.

Curly fries?

I have done some in the past and it’s pretty cute to serve these.

But the truth is that I’ve never been good at baking them perfectly right. It shouldn’t been complicated but I have a love / hate relationship with my German oven, so…

Next, I’m going to try the below recipe for spiralized rosemary potatoes. There are plenty of inspiration on Pinterest! And most recipes are easy to veganise.

Hope I convinced you to get a spiralizer because it is a lot of fun and gives you a lot of new cooking options!

PS: who am I kidding… Of course I already tried the above recipe. it didn’t go so well! Obviously I still blame it on my oven!! 😉

spiralized potatoes disaster!
Yeah! I know not pretty!! A disaster in the making!!

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