Spring cleaning your body and health

You have probably already done your home spring cleaning, but have you spring cleaned your body?!

Spring is in full mode and summer is approaching fast. Seasons change and our bodies are forced to adapt. Temperatures are rising, maybe you’re staying up late more often, to enjoy the sunsets and maybe a drink or 2. Maybe you are getting up earlier to enjoy the sunrise… There are lots of little changes in our daily lives that come with Spring and maybe even more so, with Summer.

Our bodies could use some help to adapt, to cope, to thrive!

Spring is an ideal time to reset, recharge and detox!

So what can you do to spring clean your health?

Start by a detox

Cleanse your body to give it a fresh new start! Cleanse inside and out. By that I mean that you should consider detoxing your liver but also giving a good scrub to your skin. Dry brushing is great for this but maybe you’ll prefer going to a hammam for a full day of pampering. Some feet reflexology could be really useful. Maybe a full body lymphatic drainage massage is more tempting. Exfoliating your scalp will have impressive effect on your hair if you ask me.

In all cases, you should do what feels right but also you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.

Cleanse your body, cleanse your mind. Get a fresh new start.

One week of Vegan food

Give yourself time and permission to rest

Detoxing can be draining. When starting a detox, you really should plan it in a way that it doesn’t interfere with your social life. There is no point in drinking your special tea in the morning, only to drink a bottle of rosé in the evening!

Give yourself time to adjust, time to detox and rest. Enjoy peaceful moments, create little rituals when you just are… relax…

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables

Very early Spring is called the hungry gap, in many countries. It’s a time where winter roots vegetables are spare and spring vegetables are not yet available. However by now, there are plenty of baby greens ready to be enjoyed and you should make the most of these.

Load your plates with green and colours! And herbs. Don’t forget herbs!

Growing herbs

Drink plenty of fluids

Obviously you should drink plenty of water, with or without mint and cucumbers 😉 However you should also consider switching tea and herbal infusions. Out with warming cinnamon blends, in with the refreshing peppermint mix!

Finish your winter stock and try something new.

Update your vitamins and minerals

Since your are revising what’s in your plate, you may want to also update your supplements intake.

I can’t tell you what would work for you. I can only give you one example: in Spring and Summer, I don’t usually take a whole lot of vitamin D. I spend time outside instead. But if the weather is horrible for weeks on, I go back to my supplements.

Up to you. But this is an area to consider.

Switch your skincare routine

With warmer temperatures comes the need to thin your skincare routine. Heavy creams out, lighter serums and moisturising creams in! Empty those winter products and adopt your spring skincare!

No need to throw away the ‘winter leftovers’, just use them as masks or on your hands and body.

Of course, it’s time to put sunscreen on and enjoy the sunshine! Vitamin D refill!

Typology skincare routine
Typology also has a scalp scrub I didn’t know I needed!

Journal your way through the changes

One thing I like to do is to journal my way through such changes. To see how it affects my mood, my appearance… To note improvements on the way my skin looks or how my tummy feels, for example.

Journalling your way through changes is a way to ask yourself what you should continue doing and what you can do differently.

Yes, I highly recommend it!

Spring cleaning inside out by thinking holistically

Think of yourself as a whole. You are a wonder, your body is this incredibly complex and totally amazing piece of equipment. But like any piece of equipment, every now and then, a good check up and some TLC will make it run better and longer!

Cleaning, detoxing, journaling… These things help your body and often bring clarity to the mind. It may not seem so at first, but it is worth sticking to some regular practices, at least for a while, to see how you feel.

Nourish your body, nourish your soul to be ready for summer!

Sunset view - stay in the Camargue region - South of France - www.RoadtripsaroundtheWorld.com


Dear haters,

I know a lot of people are against supplements in general, against essentials oils, against detox, homeopathy remedies, any sort of alternative medicine like osteopathy… agains everything really!

They say things like ‘I eat a healthy and diversified diet’. ‘My body cleanse itself’. ‘I don’t need anything from any snake oil seller.’ Or things like ‘I trust science’ and take only medication prescribed by their doctors, unknowing that these are based on the same plants that have been used in home remedies for centuries.

They also say things like ‘I don’t take medication… except for…’ the prescription they got to lower their cholesterol, the one for their heart and the one for heart burns…

Their back hurts or maybe it’s their knees. They maybe have difficulties walking because of an injury but the doctors said it’s like that, you got to deal with it. So they take more pills but no, they won’t see an osteopath or else.

Etc. !

Well, you guess it right by now… I’m the opposite! And here is the latest things I’m trying

I wouldn’t say I believe it all and follow every trend, but I’ve tried many things in my life. Many many things! And I believe there is no reason not to.

There are supplements and things I take or do regularly. There are things I come back to. They are things I forget about and then realise they are just what I need. I do them for a while and maybe forget about them again.

To me it’s ok.

When I recently decided to take magnesium supplement again, after just 2-3 days, I started sleeping better and was a little upset I didn’t think of it before. Then I also realised that it probably wouldn’t have had the same effect before. I took the magnesium exactly when needed.

The latest thing I’m doing follow a visit to my osteopath. She was working on my left hip which led to my colon and she recommended I used psyllium for a month or so. I had never tried that before and boy am I glad she told me about it!

She also recommended I detox my liver to help it get rid of toxins accumulated following a dentist appointment. I’ve had to go to the dentist a few times this year and every time, I could tell my body was having a hard time getting rid of the significant anaesthesia dose (required because of my fear!). I did a few lymphatic drainage face massage and these helped but I could tell it wasn’t enough.

After just a few days, I could tell that my neck felt better. Yes my liver is self cleaning, but it does need a little help every now and then and plants are magical!

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