Don’t go on vacation to rest, it’s a waste of money!

There are 100 ways and more, to make bad financial decisions and blow money. Going on vacation to rest is surely one of them, right there on top of the list!

You need vacations, I get it. I need vacations too. In truth, what I need most is excitement, I need to have my mind blown away by beautiful places, I need to marvel at beautiful sights, experience new things…

Before I can do any of that, I need to rest – At home!

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Most people take vacations to rest

A lot of people take vacations in far away lands, to rest and relax. They need to be out of their normal settings to finally allow themselves to take a nap. They need to be in a bathing suit, on a beach 3000 miles from their home, to allow themselves to do nothing.

A lot of people flight off, to the other side of the World, to sleep.

Yes, they do sleep in fancy hotels, in between fancy bedsheets. Probably not as well as they think they do. They often drink too much or at least eat too much for that. The often ‘exotic’ food doesn’t agree that well with their tummy. Maybe they get sick in the middle of their stay. Hopefully they get spared.

People will come back with either a gorgeous glow if they are smart enough to use sunscreen, sunburnt if they didn’t, with maybe plenty of mosquito’s bites. Oh, and of course exhausted from jet lag!

They basically need vacations to recover from their vacations!

It makes absolutely no sense!

Sure, it’s nice to be in an all inclusive resort with no cooking & no cleaning to do. I absolutely get that.

But for a starter, I sleep much better in my own bed. If you don’t, maybe you should consider buying a new mattress, new pillows and bedsheets. Or maybe just decluttering your bedroom. In any case, you need to work on the issue!

With regards to food, being able to binge on a profusion of delicatessen, all day long, isn’t going to make anyone feel good.

And drinking free cocktails all day isn’t without consequences! Obviously.

Actually it makes me mad and sad!

Countless of times, when speaking to friends or colleagues who had just been back from vacations, I got very disappointed. Often they went on trips I could only dream about. My dream destinations for all the amazing things you could see or do there. Well, I have a lot of dream destinations 😉

Anyway, when asked about their trips and what they did, way too often their responses were appalling. ‘We stayed at the resort, we needed to chill‘. You didn’t visit this UNESCO World Heritage site located 2 miles from your resort?! ‘No, we were too tired. We stayed on the beach‘.

Lame! Lame! Lame!!

OK, I get you may not have the same interest as I, in UNESCO World Heritages. Most are absolutely stunning but why would you care about history, culture and else!

Really the main question is why did you fly on the other side of the world to do nothing?! Why did you spend so much money? Some will answer that it was for the sunshine, even if they spent most of the day inside.

It makes me want to scream!

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Don’t be lame: the next time you are planning vacations, make plans to be in tip top shape before going

Not talking about summer body here.

A lot of people book their vacation a few months in advance. They work and work and work before and crash of exhaustion, once arrived at destination. A well deserved break from the all the grinding. Pffff

Stop it!

Newt time you plan a vacation, plan to be in your absolute best shape before going.

You are planning plenty of other things before such a trip, so why not include rest, exercise and whatever else you need to be in your best shape?!

You goal should be to be to have plenty of energy, once at destination, to discover the place & the people, to explore the surroundings, to try on new activities.

Your goal should be to have your mind blown away by the beauty of the country you are in, the richness of its culture… your goal should be to interact with locals, not just the exhausted tourists sitting next to you by the pool. You should have plenty of energy to hike that mountain, go diving or explore ancient ruins…

Of course you could always take vacations to participate to environmental projects but that is another topic.


It’s a huge commitment to take care of oneself but it is worth it

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s no selfish to take self-care seriously. Only when you are feeling good can you truly help others.

Yes, it often takes time, at least when starting. Once it becomes your new norm, it isn’t so bad. You just switch bad habits for healthy ones and they probably take the same amount of time anyway.

It’s very important to realise that:

Healthy habits increase your energy level.

Bad habits suck the life out of you.

The more time and focus you spend on taking care of yourself and on building a strong foundation to support and optimise your health, the better you will feel. On vacation or not!

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In short:

Focus on your health and then spend money on fabulous vacations that fill your soul with beauty and wonders! That’s the best way, in my opinion.


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