What one week of vegan food looks like

Since a lot of people still think vegans only eat rabbit food (yes, my mother in law still is amongst the people who wonder!), I thought it would be fun to take pictures of pretty much everything I cooked for a week or so and share!

One week of Vegan food

Not very summery dishes…

Now, despite the fact that we are supposed to be in summer (it just doesn’t feel like it, where we live), a lot of the dish I made are hot dish, with a few quick salads for some lunches.

My tummy is happier when I eat hot or warm food. It has become a new habit by now and doesn’t bother me.

I had mentioned here previously that I had tummy issues, a few months back now and had to change the way I eat. My tummy is now much happier! So I’m no longer solely eating boiled carrots, sweet potatoes purée and mushy zucchinis.

Indeed I reverted back to a much more diversified and fun diet. But there are a few things that are still different.

Spinash, potatoes and lupine with a coconut cream… for lunch! (cooking not entirely done here!)

Low fat

Most of the recipe I cooked are low in fat. Olive oil is still used sparingly. The exception in the below pictures is the onion bhajis. First time I made those! It follows the post about my little environmental friendly improvements. They were so good!! I still didn’t use quite as much oil as recommended in the recipe. That just felt crazy to me.

So overall, I just use a lot less oil than I used to.

Not trying to go ‘no fat’ either. I use a lot of nuts in general anyway!

Home made onion bhajis! Sooo good! Still, a lot less oil than recommended was used!

Basic vegetables

You might notice that the vegetables used this week were pretty basic. Potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, spinach, beet and lots of tomatoes.

This week, I increased again our lentils intake because of my partner.

Yes I cooked radishes and yes I cook apples too!

There were quite a few avocados eaten too, but they are so good right now, that most were eaten alone.

Chickpeas are often used, nuts sprinkled, cranberries added to give a sweet taste…

Overall, indeed ingredients are mostly simple, but vary from one week to another. We didn’t have green beans this week for example, because we had so many the week before, as I had brought some back from my dad’s place.

Proteins addition

Since my tummy painful complaints, I removed most of the processed products I used to use. I kept regular tofu in small quantities and lupine bits. that’s about it. Proteins can be easily found in legumes and vegetables so we should be good!

The one pan dish visual illusion!

You might notice as well, that there are quite a few one pan dishes. My cast iron pan has been extensively used since purchased! It’s just easier that way, quick to serve. But in fact, some ingredients are kind of obviously pre-cooked. Potatoes might get boiled, rice is mostly made before hand, chickpeas are often caramelized first, because it makes them so yummy, etc.

The one pan dish is more of a final step, where everything is put together.

This is how you ruin your cast iron pan seasonning!

No Quiche?!

If I’m the ‘one pan dishes’ princess, I’m also the quiche queen! But I haven’t done a lot of them lately as I avoid any unnecessary flour usage.

2 meals dish!

Some of these dishes were big enough to be 2 different meals. So you may feel cheated since the count might not look like a full week!

You can click on the gallery below and you should see a short description of the content of each dish at the bottom of the picture!

As you know by now, I’m not the greatest cook! Not a French chef, not doing fancy dishes, presented in an elaborated way, especially not on regular week days.

My partner being the one doing the dishes, he really appreciate the one pan dish!

Most importantly, I hope that, if anything, this showed you that vegan food can be fun and is far from rabbit food!

One week of Vegan food

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