Psyllium: could it become your best friend?

Psyllium could be just what you need if you are on a weight loss journey! But not only because it has a lot of health benefits, I clearly wish I knew before. It isn’t a secret, but it is still not talked about enough, in my opinion!

Psyllium - could it become your best friend?

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What is psyllium?

Psyllium is the husk surrounding the seeds of a plant called Plantago ovata or blond plantain. A plant you may have seen in fields. I wouldn’t recommend trying to gather psyllium yourself as there are hundreds of sorts of plantain plants and all might not be ok to consume. Psyllium usually comes from India.

And psyllium is a little magical, as it absorbs water like crazy!

See my little demonstration:

Psyllium just mixed with water

Psyllium after about 15mn

And after about 2h!

What does psyllium do to your body?

Psyllium is mostly known as a laxative and it’s really unfair. It doesn’t do justice to this amazing product.

Because in fact, psyllium promote overall digestive health.

It’s a prebiotic and as such it stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. It also gently cleanse your intestine.

Yes, it can ease constipation but it does much more.

Studies have shown that Psyllium can help people with irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. It can lower cholesterol levels, help you keep a healthy glycemic balance. Psyllium can even help your heart and your pancreas! Don’t ask me how, I’m just spreading the good words.

The maybe most important point here is that psyllium is chock full of fiber, soluble and insoluble and fiber are magical!

Soluble Fiber can be found oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley and yes, psyllium. They remove remove excess fat, sugar, and bad cholesterol.

Insoluble fiber can be found in wheat bran, vegetables, whole grains and yes again, psyllium! They gently make things easier to pass trough your digestive system.

And the magic doesn’t stop there because fiber give you a feeling of being full!

How does psyllium helps with weight-loss?

Well, I think I said it all above!

As psyllium promotes good digestive health while giving you a feeling of fullness, you can easily see how a great little helper it can be!

How to add psyllium to your diet?

Psyllium is very commonly added to smoothies.

In reality, you can easily just add a teaspoon to a glass of water or vegan milk and consume it like this. It is quite tasty.

However the magic doesn’t stop there as you can use psyllium to thicken sauces or even use it in your baking to replace eggs or flour.

Apparently it is also often used to thicken ice cream.

I haven’t tried cooking with psyllium but that is definitively on top of my to do list!

Incorporate slowly, drink lots of water and see how you feel!

Oh, yeah, it’s best consumed in the morning.

Side effects?

I’m not a doctor and can only speak of my experience. For me, the first few days, were a little weird. My body was cleansing indeed and it was not always pleasant. I needed this and it was recommended to me by my osteopath following some tricky work on my hips and bowels! Now? After a few days, it feels great!

Some people are apparently allergic to psyllium, some people react weirdly. I think it’s always best to start with a tiny amount when trying new things and see how it goes.

Where to buy psyllium?

Organic food store are your best bet.

You can also order online and here is my Amazon associate link: Whole psyllium husks. (a brand with a climate pledge friendly logo and good reviews)

The whole husks are best for direct consumption. psyllium powders may be best for cooking.

That’s it! Hope it does wonders for you as it does for me!

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