On my way to a new body – 9 months in review

As you may have read before, earlier this year I started a journey which is transforming my body. Back in January, I had health issues which culminated and soon required drastic measures.

I’ve talked about this twice here and thought it was time to give an update.

In case you are on similar journey to become the healthiest version of yourself, this should, at least, confirm that it is a process. It takes time.

In a world where we all want instant results, it’s important to remember that some things do take commitments and perseverance.

The Toilet of Venus François Boucher 18th - Jacquemart André Museum Paris France

Also, please note again that I’m not going to share before and after pictures, measurements or else. I’m not giving you any advise here. What works for me in terms of exercise might not work for you anyway. Yet, I should still repeat again, how much I am thankful to Pam!

How it started

What started this journey is described in my first piece on this topic (a topic I never thought I would write about!) It was simply called On my way to a new body. At the time, I had to change the way I eat significantly. I also had just started to exercise more regularly, but it was nothing compare to now!

Most importantly, this is where the shift, in my own perception, happened. This is where I decided to take back control. Yes, this might actually be the most important part!

In August, so 5 months later, I wrote a follow up to give some insight on some of side effects of such journey. By August, I was exercising a lot more. I had also lost more weight and had managed to find a balance in my plate. I was getting stronger and it felt great. Yet, as you could read there, I could still not perceive the changes. Weird reality distortion!

OK, maybe I wrote about this 3 times, as we could include the Ode to my bathroom scale here too!

What about now?! About 9 months later?

Well, I’ll start by the burning question you may: Have I lost more weight?!

The answer is yes, but not as much as I lost the first 5 months. And I’m absolutely ok with it.

First because it adds up anyway. Second because of one of the below point and third because I have really gained muscle! I know I know, a lot of us say that to reinsure ourselves, don’t we?! But in this case, I know it to be true as I can see the definition in my arms, my abs (even if I still don’t see the 6 pack), in my legs and bootie!

Even if I didn’t loose a lot of weight, I can still see my body has continued its transformation, especially when I put on clothes that fitted in August and don’t anymore!

Now that we got this out of the way so let’s explore more interesting points, first with a small follow up on the ones I had highlighted in my previous update.

Energy level: Still up! It feels great. Exercising is still energizing and I love that. In addition, when I’ve spent a few hours packing for our move, including carrying boxes up and down and my back hurts, I don’t slough on the couch. Instead I exercise! It’s a miracle cure that makes my whole body feel better.

Sagging boobs! Yes, this is what I’m referring to above. Loosing weight a little too fast maybe, made my boobs sag a little and I was only mildly happy about it. It’s getting better. I’ve been using some Typology cream for that too and it probably helped.

My bones don’t hurt as much. They are probably getting used to this new reality! OK well I also did get a mattress topper which has greatly helped me upgrade my sleeping position.

My posture hasn’t improved as much as I had hoped. My osteopath still has apparently quite a bit of work to do before we can see great results. I had not seen her for too long and even the little bike accident I had a couple months back, had done more damages than I though. We are working on this together nevertheless. I need her to help me loosen some areas and to understand what sort of exercise I need most. I’ll probably write more about this because I think it is fairly important!

Still tired? Pfff yes! It’s no longer because of sleeping positions thanks to the mattress topper. Stress level is back up tough!! My new client, the move, the new apartment… arrrgh!

Minty? Last I checked I was still not strong enough to lift it. I believe it for a second, but nothing! Lifting Minty is my main goal!

Clothes? I had to buy new clothes. There was no way around it anymore. No hack that could make my clothes look ok. This was interesting on its own because it was so hard for me. So many things I saw were of poor quality! Most interestingly here, this is when I saw the changes. This is what lead to the below.

Statue at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Trier Germany

A new step in perception

As I had mentioned before, in August, I could see ‘local differences’ in my body. More definition in my arms, my clavicles, my hips… I could see my clothes were too big, etc. Although others, like my partner and my girlfriends were amazed by the transformation of my whole body, I couldn’t really see it.

When I went shopping and had to take clothes off the racks to try them on, at first everything was too big. I had no idea what size I was and I had guessed completely wrong! I went back to take a size down and most were still too big. That was hilarious. When I finally got to my new size, and I saw myself in the mirror and it clicked!

Being my insecure best self, right after first thinking ‘damm girl’! I thought the mirror was probably just nice!

But I then recalled that I had such a realization before, seeing my reflection in the glass windows of a building and taking a ridiculous amount of time to recognize it was indeed me I was seeing.

Apparently, body dysmorphia is a real thing! I wouldn’t say I suffered from it. I think I just needed time to adapt.

Now? I guess I could say I’m learning to love how I look and to love my new body. The body that was hidden behind a safety cushion. It’s progressing in my head, I’m not entirely there yet!

Really enjoying the process & respecting myself

As mentioned at the beginning, I’m absolutely ok with the slow process. I like the changes I’m seeing even if there is no instant result. I like how I’m getting stronger and how some exercises show me that some areas still need to improve.

I’m not racing against anyone. I don’t have any particular time goal. This is not something I’ve started for a short period of time, this is hopefully for life, even if I’m sure there will be times where I slow down and times where I do more.

Please remember as well, I’m not on a diet either. I am vegan and already ate lots of vegetables before this started. But I did have to make some further changes to the way I eat, when my tummy complained vehemently. However I don’t count calories, I do eat chocolate cakes, snacks and french fries! In no way do I feel deprived.

Further dietary changes could be required at any time. It’s just like that. I’m becoming more and more an intuitive eater.

I am indeed learning about my body, what works for it, what is still challenging but can improve. It is quite fascinating actually! It is also amazing / ridiculous it took me so long to get familiar with it.

This is it for now. A work in progress!

Adonis Baths in Cyprus - Aphrodite and Adonis

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