An ode to my old bathroom scale!

My bathroom floor is adorned by this old analog scale which was never used much in the past.

It doesn’t do anything special. It doesn’t calculate your fat percentage or bone and muscle mass, it just gives you your weight and isn’t very good at doing that either.

You can cheat it by leaning to the right. You can cheat significantly actually! It’s fun! It’s reinsuring!

Ate too much cake and need a mood booster? Just stand on your right feet alone!

Ode to my digital scale

Should we consider upgrading to a fancy digital scale?

Should we consider upgrading to a digital scale?” is something my partner recently asked me. Adding: “The scale we have will not look good in our new bathroom“.

Seriously?! Now you are worried about styling the apartment?! OK, that’s a totally different topic.

But you see, I know him better than that! I knew the real reason for such discussion is that he would like to have a scale that tells him that he built muscle, while he doesn’t yet entirely see it!

Because my partner has been doing some of Pam’s workout for a while now!! He has clearly slimmed down, but our scale isn’t very kind to him. Except when he leans to the right of course!

Let’s be clear that he isn’t entirely wrong that it won’t look that good in the main bathroom. I do have to admit this. However, there is no doubt that this is not the main reason for starting such a conversation!


So I first replied that it seems unnecessary and that we could just put it in the other bathroom! This simple solution greatly disappointed him.

I could have right then, reinsured him about his fitness improvements but leaving him wanting compliments was a little more fun!

Alright, alright, don’t scream at me, I’m not a monster so I did admire his abs, a little later that day!! OK!?!

When a man seeks reinsurance, praise, encouragement and kindness and if his scale doesn’t give it to him, someone has to do it!! 😉

Ode to my digital scale

To be honest I was considering an upgrade but…

And I must also admit that, earlier on my journey, I had also considered an upgrade, indeed for esthetically reasons but also for reinsurance, praise, encouragement and kindness!

A little later on my journey, I concluded that I didn’t need it and that in fact I love my old scale!

… I actually love my old scale!

I love it for all its flexibility and imprecise results. I love it for the feel good results it give when leaning slightly! I love it because it doesn’t require any commitment, it doesn’t track anything so it doesn’t remember what yesterday was and it doesn’t judge!

Such scale lets me be a woman with a cycle who doesn’t train as hard when she has her period. It lets me be a woman who eats chocolate cake and it doesn’t give me a death glare the next day!

My old analog scale is not precise, but the trend it gives is still accurate.

When I come back from my dad, it knows I will avoid stepping on it. It can be a little bitchy on such days! I let it be and in return, it lets me get back to my routine.

I don’t really need a fancy digital scale to tell me I still have little cushions of fat here and there. I can pinch such little cushions! I don’t need anything fancy to tell me my thighs or my arms are much more muscular. I can feel and see it.

I certainly don’t even need any type of scale to tell me I lost ‘volume’, as my clothes are clearly showing it.

So my dear old analog scale, I’m telling you: thank you! And yes, you are moving with us and will not get replaced anytime soon!


Silly entry, I know, but I wanted tell you that if you are on a journey to become a healthier you, which may or may not include weight loss, you probably don’t need a scale to do so, fancy or not. Be consistent, be patient and your amazing body will do the rest!

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