The water flosser that changed my oral hygiene

Flossing is great, flossing with a water flosser is so much better!

The water flosser that changed my oral hygiene

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Most water flosser are bulky and noisy, most seem complicated. A lot have a huge tank but I never liked the idea of the water sitting there for days. A lot of people complain that such tanks are hard to clean, this was never appealing… So I flossed, with regular floss. But some of my teeth are super close to each others and flossing isn’t always easy.

I really wanted to find a water flosser, for it does more than regular floss, but it took me a while to find a water flosser I really liked.

And then finally!

My portable water flosser

Two years back, I finally found this portable water flosser. Yes, I could have written about it before! Yes, it still works perfectly.

It is quite compact, folds nicely, has a nice & sturdy travel bag which protects it well. It is waterproof, which I guess is kind of a requirement for this kind of tool. It comes with several tips which, miraculously are also sold separately!

Easy to use with different modes including one for sensitive teeth (use warm water if your teeth are super sensitive), easy to charge… I can only say good thing about it, even after 2 years!

Obviously it is made of plastic like they all are. But after 2 years, I’m glad I bought such plastic tool.

And yes, there is now a pink version! As you may guess it, it is a little more expensive, like everything else marketed for women! Then again, one of the tip is different.

Anyway, I wouldn’t carry it in my purse as some suggest, but I do travel with it and I’m really glad I have it.

Water flossing makes my teeth happy!

Before using this water flosser, I had no idea how happy my teeth would be. I had no idea that you could have the ‘dentist clean’ feeling at home, just by using some slightly pressurized water. And I said goodbye to bleeding gums! It really changed everything for me!

The water doesn’t just remove the bits of food stuck in between your teeth (which is already great!), it cleans everything around it. It leaves your teeth super smooth.

It does remove plaque over time. No, not with a single use!

Obviously it doesn’t replace brushing your teeth! But it is a miraculous tool to have for the hygiene of your mouth. I really wish I had one sooner. It would have probably saved me some trips to the dentist.

I still brush my teeth with activated charcoal every now and then, because this really is next level clean! But this water flosser is what saved me.

water flosser in action
In action! I froze to take this picture outside and kept it despite being out of focus!

Now, I must say I have never used the nasal tip.

Cleaning my teeth is one thing, cleaning my nose is another one entirely. I’m just not ready.

You must not add saline water to the tank or anything else. But somehow, I don’t think tap water is best for your sinuses. Anyway, it might be just me but I would have preferred a tip to clean the tongue, rather than the one to clean the nose. Some other brands seem to offer such tips now, so you can select the flosser that is best for your needs.

Water flosser

There are now lots of other options including even smaller flosser!

When I bought my water flosser 2 years ago, there weren’t that many options online. Now? It’s easy to find them. And I even found a smaller one which I must say, I would definitively put in my purse! If I had a lot of lunches to attend, which I don’t. Or in my suitcase, if I had somewhere to go, which I don’t…

Well, as you can see below, it looks really compact!

Mini portable water flosser

Not sure I convinced you so let me say it one more time: A water flosser is a great tool for your oral hygiene. Your teeth will thank you and your dentist will be impressed, although maybe depressed that he has nothing to do.

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