A pick me up cake

Yesterday, I was in dire need of a pick me up! I was exhausted by my week and my period came early. As soon as I realized it and before the need for my hot water bottle arrived too, I went to the kitchen and quickly baked a pick me up cake!

A extremely non precise recipe for a delicious pick me up cake!

I mixed about 1/3 of lupine flour and 2/3 of regular flour. It would work just a well with 100% regular floor. Added some baking powder, some vanilla extract.

Period pick me up cake recipe - flour, raising powder and other ingredients
I realized too late my bowl looks dirty in this picture, but it’s not, it’s just old! Most importantly, the lupine flour is the yellow one.

Meanwhile chocolate was melting in a pan with a dash of coconut cream. Since I had a bit more cream, I added it to the flour, together with the apple and banana purée that I had. Thank god I had made some this week! Banana and apples are what a lot op people use in cakes to replace eggs, me included.

Since I was in a hurry, if I didn’t have purée ready, I would have just mushed a banana.

Anyway, I mixed it all, tested it and decided to add some coconut sugar. I’m glad I didn’t add before because the apple sauce is already sweat.

Adding coconut sugar

Mixed some more, added a dash of water as it was slightly too thick.

And finally, my favorite step: Swirling the melted chocolate in!

Adding the melted chocolate
My favorite step of the making process!

Wait! Just a little further comment: if you are worried about your flour making lumps, mix a little bit of water with it first, to get a smooth paste and then add your banana, apple sauce or whatever.

I know, I know, baking is an art, a science and I am a criminal! Don’t yell at me, I have my period, I might bite your head off, once I’m done eating my cake!

The secret to non sticky cake

What is worst than getting your glorious & gorgeous cake out of the oven, trying to take it out of the pan only to break it in the process?! Nothing on such a day, I must say. But you see, my mama told me to always use a bit of oil and flour to avoid this. I didn’t always listen to my mom. No wait, scratch that… I pretty much never listen to my mom, except for this tip!

And it works magically.

Oil and flour for a non sticky cake!

So a bit of oil, a dash of flour, spread with your finger and than you can pour your mixture in your pan safely!

I poured about half of it and spread my blueberries on top. Midway, I realized they weren’t entirely unfrozen and I didn’t want the bigger fruits anyway. So I saved them to do a red berries sauce. Don’t laugh but I’m new to using frozen fruits, I’ve only recently realized they were selling them at my supermarket!

Poured the rest of the chocolate mixture on top and in the oven for 45 minutes or so.

Serve and enjoy!

I’m afraid I didn’t wait for my partner to come back from his golf practice to try it. Not sorry, not today!!

My cakes are always glorious when warm anyway. Anything with chocolate is always better warm, right?! And he was late… and it’s not my fault!

And yes, I feel better!

But hey, I’m not a monster, I didn’t eat the whole thing!

I'm not a monster, I didn't eat it all!

PS1… remember: I’m #NotaFoodBlogger!

PS2… I felt better after eating the cake but I did regret it, the night after. My tummy didn’t appreciate the amount of gluten eaten that day. I still have to be careful. Lesson learned!

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