December is finally over!

Oh, I couldn’t wait for this month to come to an end.

It’s not that I think that changing year makes a huge difference. You wake up on the 1st of January pretty much the same person as the one who went to bed on the 31st of December after all. But since the last couple months have been slightly difficult and since a lot of the things I’ve been doing are preparation for what’s coming in January and February, it has been a relief to see December as a thing of the past.

December going to flames!

New forewords

This is the last monthly recap for 2021! Yep, 12 months of journaling my life in the mist of a pandemic.

For myself, I’ll actually probably go through all my recaps to summarize the year. The ups and downs. Maybe I’ll publish, maybe not, we shall see! I already know some bits were quite ugly. I already know some of the happiest moments were on Minty! Overall, I also know I had a pretty fulfilling year. There are plenty of things I wish I had handled differently, but I also know that it’s been a pretty transformative year and I like that very much.

Not quite sure yet, if I’ll keep doing these recaps. If I do, I’ll probably change the format. I don’t think these are interesting to anyone but me. In fact, I have learned quite a few things about myself doing this. It has been enlightening to say the least. Still, I may need to move on. I really don’t know yet.

Anyway, let’s see what December was like, shall we?!

Christmas decoration in progress!

December highlights

December didn’t start well as you may have read from my November recap. Starting right where I left off, I confirm that I went pretty much straight to bed when I got back from my dad’s place and stayed there for 36 hours.

My dogs came in my dreams to cuddled and stayed much longer than they normally do. I never mentioned this because I still miss them so much. It used to make me cry when they came in my dreams, but now, especially at times like these, I am just incredibly thankful for all they have given me. I know they are watching over me.

And after that, reality of daily life became bearable again and I slowly came out of my grief and my fears. I had to put a brave face on, more than once, including in Paris, and I feel this is just the beginning. I don’t really want to have too but then again, there are plenty of people to whom I don’t want to have to explain, I don’t want to have to listen either. Putting on a brave face seems almost easier.

After my marathon in bed, I think I came to accept my dad’s decision. Kind off. It’s hard, it’s incredibly hard, but I can at least understand it. It’s not going to make it easier to handle when the time comes. It should however force me to appreciate the moments that are left.

Time just flew by. We went to Paris and came back in a blink. Omicron was lurking and it all felt surreal.

More packing, more work, I felt pulled in all directions all the time. Christmas was approaching so fast and I had glimpses of hopes every now and then that things were going well, that all will be done on time. And then felt back into despair!

It actually turned out ok. Not without my nerves being on the verge of breakdown obviously.

Spent Christmas and New Year in my cocoon and it was rejuvenating.

My dad and I built 2 new Christmas trees for my cousins. This is one of the star for the top of the trees

Well, I need to confirm that I drove Minty on the 31st of December and on the 1st of January! Best way to end the year and to start a new one!

Riding on the 1st January
Yes, I stopped on the side of the road to take this picture and I’m not ashamed!

And it is now time to move…

The main outcome

To be completely transparent again, I didn’t expect December to be a great month. Since the decision was made to move early January, I knew it would be hard. The apartment being surrounded by boxes instead of Christmas decorations didn’t help.

In addition, I was warned earlier on that December would be quite intense at work. A lot to close last minutes and before the year end. Not surprising really, it’s often like this in my field.

Combining work, packing, cleaning, small repairs on the old appartment and construction issues on the new appartment was never going to be easy. Sprinkle on top with a few health issues that slowed me down and had to be handled and yes, you pretty much have a recipe for disaster! OK maybe not a disaster but surely not the best month!

Somehow, I pushed through. Somehow, despite my terrible moods at times, I didn’t kill anyone!

Most importantly, when the 31st came, I felt relieved that the month was over.

Glorious morning

Little follow-ups

Money investment: None this month in terms of online investment but I did take care of a few ‘usual’ investments. Things that are tax deductible. I was quite proud of myself!

Co-owner of the Boulogne castle: I did buy a share of the Boulogne castle. The 4th and latest project of Dartagnans. I hope they manage to reach the total goal! I think you can still participate if you wish and in any case, there will be further opportunities as more funding campaigns will be open at later stages.

Drawing / sewing: Ain’t got time for that! Got to wax some floors instead!

Pam? It was unfortunately on and off this month but I did squeeze some training almost every day I was home. Pam is helping me not loose my mind. After a day cleaning or caring boxes, exercising helps my body recover. It’s amazing!

Best buy of the month

As mentionner previously, I had to buy new clothes. There was no way around it anymore. I kept some favorites pieces, which had become way too big, to alter them, but this wasn’t something I could handle now. So I went shopping, both physically and online! And I’m actually happy.

What’s ahead?

Moving out … obviously!! You’ve been hearing about this enough! I’m so glad, so ready for this new phase actually!

Then I intend to take it slow & take care of myself. My next visit to the osteopath is already scheduled. I need new glasses…

Happy New Year to you!

Foggy winter morning

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