Castle game!

Since it seems that my little castle mini guide is being popular in those times of confinement, I wanted to share with you a little game to help you pass even more time.

I’m not sure you will find it fun but if you like it, and if it help you teach your kids or yourself about castles, then I’m glad!

Castle game!

So here it is. The idea is quite simple really: you need to name as many part of the castle as you can!

You can use the below image, print it and get your head working!

Castle game - name all the part of the castle - letter US format sheet

Well it may seems hard at first, but start with the obvious like the donjon, the mote, the well, the chapel, the drawbridge….

And then work your way through the maybe less obvious constructions.

Ask yourself where the king or lord would have lived? That’s the corps de logis. Where could the kitchen be? Probably close the corps de logis. The kitchen was often in a separate building because of risks of fire.

Then work your way through the architectural details. What’s the difference between an arrow slit and a gun port? The buttresses helped support walls, so where are they shown?

There are a lot of corbels everywhere, what are they? Ah machicolation!! There are a lot of those too.

Don’t be scared… Here are the answers!!

Medieval Castle vocabulary - castle game

Those 2 pictures can be printed separately or you can use the below image. It can be printed on one page and folded or cut in half to hide the answers.

Castle game - name all the part of the castle - letter US format sheet with answers

I managed to upload this one in pdf format. You can click here and a new page should open with the pdf ready to be downloaded or printed. Hopefully it works!!

The original mini guide

You can find the original mini guide about castle architecture here and on

I started my mini guide series for RTatW but shared them here too.

You can find the first castle architecture mini guide which has an older version of the castle on it. It can help you with the game! It’s a one page guide which should be printed and folded in half.

Miss Coco Design - Mini guide - Free to download on

You can also find another guide that goes into more architectural details and has 2 pages!

And yes, there are more guides available!! I’ll let you check.

You can also refer to the various medieval castles I have visited. They are all on with loads of pictures, and I have a lot more to show you!

Hope you enjoy! Share with your friends if you did!

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Castle game - name all the parts of the castle - freen printable

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