Castles Overload in Luxembourg! (all in a new map!!)

To most, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg isn’t famous for its charms other than the financial ones. That’s too bad because this Grand Duchy, the only one in the World by the way, has so much to offer, it’s kind of incredible people don’t know about it.

Remarkable Medieval Castles, charming countryside, clean water to dip in, some impressive landscapes, a UNESCO World Heritage capital, exciting open-air music festivals and festivities, and much more, all that in a multicultural society…

Of course, I listed the Medieval castles first, because, well, you know me!!

And of course, I had to create a road trip map to take you to my favorites ones!!



Luxembourg is truly a wonderful country to road trip, especially if you don’t have a lot of time or if you are kind of new to the idea and want to test it in a safe, yet interesting way.

So here is the map and the itinerary I created for you. I added my favorite hiking spots and a few extra, because only visiting medieval castles might not be enough for you.


You can get the high definition pdf version of such map and the description of the full itinerary on


As usual I created some additional goodies, like the below postcards, which are also available on RTatW in high definition.

I have more to come, because I’m working on something else… 🙂




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