A huge Thank You!

So you already know how much I love Society6! I told you here for example!!

I love it even more when someone buys something from my shop, which happens more and more often.

But what really gives me tears of joy is when someone gets it!


A year or so ago, I drew these bottles of ink, with ink, for fun but with the intention to use them for something.

Then came my renewed interest for Society6. Back then, I thought I would just be using it to post travel pictures. But eventually, I started posting more drawings than pictures and when I came across these ink bottles again (buried in a giant pile of drawings), I knew I would love to carry my art supplies in a pouch, with such bottles on it.

So I created the pouches. I enabled other products with such design and I love how the tote came out, and the notebook & the mug… but the pouch? I love it! I especially love the fact that the fabric thread can still be seen. It gives it a less perfect appearance.

The pouch with these CMYK ink bottles was what I had in mind… and someone else, somewhere in the world, had the same idea and understood that. Someone bought it and is going to carry pencils and brushes in it!!

And there you go, tears of joy again!!


OK OK maybe I’m overreacting. I’m sensitive like that!


Still, here is a huge thank you to this person! With all my heart!!



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