I’m having a serious crush… on Society6!


Yes I’m having a serious crush and you can’t tell my man!! Well ok, I’m having a crush on Society6 so he won’t mind too much ūüėČ

Go Cycling goodies - designed by Miss Coco

I know my previous post was on this Society6 thing as well, but I can’t help myself right now!

It’s probably because it’s getting really cold and gloomy out there and the only thing I want to do is to stay inside & hibernate. It’s partially because I’ve been super busy with work and can’t take off to a sunny and remote location right now. It might also have to do with the fact that I got a cold and somehow, it got me into creative mood!

It also has to do with the fact that Society6 is super cool!

What is Society6? 

Society6 is a¬†platform for all kind of artists to display & sell their work in all sorts of format: from art prints, to mugs, tapestries, rugs, clocks, phone cases, t-shirts, totes… you name it! As an artist, you just upload your work on the site and Society6 handles the rest, from production to shipping.


Why is it so great? 

Because they handle¬†everything! Well ok that’s just what I particularly like. But think about it, how cool is it to create an iPhone case for example, without having to actually go through the process of finding a company to manufacture it and then stock hundreds of cases until you sell them (or not!). No trip to the post office required, no invoices, no requirement to handle returns (they also do that)… You can go on vacation and things still run smoothly. Really no hassle!

Because the website is pretty cool.¬†I mean ¬†check it out! So many cool artists, so many cool designs! It’s actually a little intimidating¬†to see how incredibly talented all those artists are.

Because they expend the range of products offered regularly. I registered on Society6¬†probably 2 or 3 years ago. And since then they added so many different types of supports, it’s incredible. I haven’t yet created leggings or shower curtains but I definitively want to!!

Because they recently launched a new uploader and… whoa! It makes things so much easier! As I said ,as an artist, you pretty much only need to upload your art. Well promoting¬†it, might be a good idea but that’s a different story! The new uploader makes this so much easier, it’s incredible. I won’t dwell in the past, but¬†it’s a real game changer.

Because you chose what you want to sell. If you only want to sell mugs, you can. You only want to sell beautiful art prints? Go for it. Or maybe you want to specialize in T-shirts? no problem!

Society6 has regular promos and they are sweet!!¬†From discounts to free shipping, there isn’t a month when there isn’t a promo going on.

Oh wait, maybe the best of all is that it is free??!¬†It is completely free to display your art on Society6. I’m not sure why I didn’t mention first!

The Cyclist morning checklist - designed by Miss Coco

How does Society6 works? 

To register as an Artist, you just need to create a profile. There is really nothing complicated in the registration process. The hardest might be to choose your username. You do have to link¬†your PayPal account so you can get paid, but that’s something I did with pleasure!

Uploading art is very easy. Instructions are available on the site and size requirements are indicated for each product. There is no need to create a different document for each product, several have the same size requirements and you can just resize when deciding which product you want to sell. But if you want to create a different format for a specific product, you can, which is something really useful!

And that’s it! Hit publish and¬†promote your new creations! Don’t forget to promote other artists as well, they are some incredibly talented and inspired ones there!

As a Society6 artist, you have an earning section in your accounts where you can see your earnings and payment history. Payments are done monthly after a 30 days period so your customers can cancel their orders if they wish to.


Why you should try? 

If you try it, you’ll probably get a crush on it too! You really have nothing to loose apart from a bit of your time.

But most importantly, it’s an incredible feeling to wake up in the morning, check your account and see you sold something. Someone in the World bought something you created! Someone you probably will never know will be hanging your art in their living room, or shopping with the tote you created or drinking their coffee from a mug you designed! Yeah I cried the first time someone bought one of my picture! Whoever you are, I thank you a million times!

It is one thing to get likes on an Instagram picture, or on Facebook or whatever other social media platform you’re using, it’s a total different thing to know someone loved something you created so much, they spend their hard earned cash on it. It gives butterflies! It’s mind blowing!!


So what’s new on my profile??

Well I had previously posted here my ‘Keep calm and Go Cycling’ series. It will remain free to download but if you want some more goodies, I just added these designs to my Society6 profile¬†and I love seeing them like this!!


The Cyclist morning checklist - designed by Miss Coco Keep Calm and Go Cycling - iPhone Case designed by Miss Coco Keep Calm and Go Cycling - Mug designed by Miss Coco








I hope you like those! And do try Society6 for yourself and your work, it is so worth it!!


PS: ¬†I am shamelessly promoting my own account and art here and Society6 as well, I know !! ūüėČ

And if you didn’t see my dragon mug, check it out!!


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