Keep Calm and Go Cycling

My boyfriend and I have been cycling to work for many years now. Despite the experience, he tends to forget important things when packing his bag. I therefore decided to do a morning check list for him! But it had to be cute, I didn’t want to just hand-write on a post-it note. So I drew his bike and used it… Check it out below.

Once I had drawn the bike (in case you’re wondering, I did so with my Copics markers), I thought of those ‘Keep Calm and Carry on’ cards and thought it would look pretty cool to use this drawing.

So here are 3 different versions.

If you like them, you are welcome to right click, save and print. (No commercial use of course).

Just so you know, this is below, his morning packing check list. It is now taped to his dressing door. No more no socks day!! lol

The morning check list

My boyfriend’s bike is a Pashley. Hand built & British, since 1926! Pretty cool new bikes with a retro look. Check them out: Pashley

Because he is very tall, his bike has a double top tub. It looks a bit weird but I like it for being different.

My bike is however very vintage! I had it since I was a teenager (and that was quite a long time ago!) and it was already old when I got it. It probably is from 1930 or so. I recently gave him a complete face lift. I’ll show it to you soon…