Be a Dragon!

You know the saying: “Always be Yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn, then always be a Unicorn”.

I really don’t know why, but lately, I’ve been thinking “F@#k Unicorns”. Nop, really no idea why!! I love unicorns!


And one thing leading to another… and in this case, one small green dragon (the one on my map of Slovenia) leading to 2 big red dragons, I walk up this morning thinking I should put the 2 together on a mug!

Here it is!!



2 dragons, similar but different.

Of course dragons got me thinking of Games of Thrones so I created a dragon pattern for a tote bag!! I think I need one of those as well!!



You can click on the mug or the tote picture and you will be taken to Society 6. I’m not super active there, but every now and then I add stuff! Check it out : Society 6


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