My November Favorite Pictures

November has been crazy. Between work and family obligations, I thought I was loosing my mind and I probably, actually, left part of it somewhere. I had big plans back in September, there was, and still is, so much I wanted to do. But I had forgotten that winter was coming and that, with it, my incredibly strong & primal need to hibernate would return!!

Yes, I wanted to post more but didn’t… again… One day for sure I will  take care of this blog the way it deserves to… one day! 

The good news is that we did squeeze in a few good trips and I did take a few cool pictures! (OK at least I think they are cool!)

Here they are:


The John Rylands library in Manchester, UK. It was never a church despite it’s appearance… Only love can make you do such crazy things…


The Manchester Town Hall isn’t bad either



Finally got to see the megalithic stones of Carnac in Brittany, Fr. Loved it!!


And I got to play around with my camera at the Palais Royal in Paris



If you’re interested you can see more pictures on my other blog: RTatW


I will be back soon… or maybe in spring… who knows!


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