New mini guide Alert!!

I’ve just finished my new mini guide and wanted to share with you. This one isn’t about architecture, it is about trees and how to recognize them!

I had this mini guide in mind for a while now. But the idea of having to draw trees was daunting. Don’t make fun, I think I’m getting really good with architecture (if you haven’t seen my map of Paris and my drawing of Notre Dame, you should check it out!! I am super proud!!)

But trees?! Well they always gave me great troubles!! I don’t know why but clearly it’s not getting much better with time!! (as you can see low 😉 )

Now, the leaves came out pretty well. No, I actually love the way they turned out!!! I think I need to use them for something else but I’m not quite sure what exactly for now. If you have any ideas, do tell me!!


The result: a mini guide to help you recognize trees!!

My goal was to design a new mini guide which you could take with you, when going on a hike, and which would help you recognize trees that you get to see.

Below you will see what the mini guide looks like! 2 pages with info on each tree and their leaves. It is focused on European forest trees and their leaves although it includes info on their height and shape.

If you wish to download it, go to my travel blog where you will find the link to the pdf high definition version of such guide.

All my mini guides are free!

Mini Guide on Trees available on

Mini Guide on Trees available on


One of the most interesting thing I learned while creating this mini guide was how long each tree can live. It is somehow mesmerizing and humbling to know that some of them can live a 1000 years or more.




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