I deserve more shoes!

I’m just a girl and I have flaws… one of them is shoes!

I love shoes! I do refrain myself and the good thing is that being vegan, I can only buy from certain companies but aaaah… how hard it is to resist a perfect stiletto!

A while back I brought some of my favorites pumps to a drawing class. I wasn’t about to draw any kind of old shoe!! And today, I decided to do something with such drawings. So here it is, a little design to reaffirm that I deserve more shoes! 

But hey, since I’m pretty sure you do too, this one is for you!!

You can click on the image above, a new window will open and you can save the corresponding file and print to the size you want! My gift to you!


Those are shoes by www.beyond-skin.com. 100% vegan and as Beyond Skin puts it: “Fret not! No humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our vegan shoes.” They have won multiples ethical awards and the cherry on the cake is that they are super nice and super creative! Do check them out.

And in case you are wondering, no, this is not my whole collection of shoes from Beyond Skin. I have many many more!!!


New on Society6! 

No way I could resist creating a few designs for Society6 with these drawings!

Here is the card for your bff:


The pouches are just too cute (my sole humble opinion!!)


And this tote is going to be this spring new must have accessory! 😉 or so I wish!!


Enjoy and have super fun week end!!


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