Chocolat cream desert: quick, easy and vegan!

There are little things more satisfying than chocolat especially when life is hard.

Whether you are heart broken, just sad, in need of a boost or in confinement, chocolat always helps. Chocolat heals all wounds. OK, this isn’t medical advise! But I have tested this times and times again anyway (and I’m sure you have too!), and I can say for sure that chocolat conforts the soul.

Yes, you can eat your chocolat just like this, raw, dark and bits by bits. However, the confort usually comes from the sweetness of it, when baked in a scrumptious cake. Or from the softness of a decadent mouse…

So today I want to share my recipe for a little chocolat cream that I hope you will enjoy.

It’s easy, quick to make and perfectly delicious. It’s vegan too!

Home made comfort food - Chocolat cream easy recipe

You will need just 4 ingredients:

  • 50g (2 oz) of chocolat powder
  • 25g (1 oz) of corn starch
  • 60g (app. 1,5 oz) of sugar
  • 1/2 a littler (2 cups and a little) of almond milk

About the conversions: as you know in most of the World, we use the metric system. The original recipe I adapted used metrics. I’ve tried to give you the US equivalent but please do play a little with those figures.

I played with the recipe too. For example the first time I did this recipe, I added a lot more sugar. But then, with every new batch, I lowered and lowered the amount, to fit my taste.

In addition the first times I did this, I ended up with only 3,5 desserts. I now add a bit more milk, so my 4 glass jars are full. Just a little extra! Even so, for some unknown reasons, sometimes, I have too much and some times, I’m a bit short!

Yeah, I could never be a food blogger because, my recipes would sound like a ‘pinch of this’ and ‘a dash of that’ and ‘oh add this if you have’ or ‘replace by this, this or that if you prefer’… Nothing in my cooking style has ever respected a recipe from beginning to end!

Anyway, pour all the ingredients in a pan. I usually add only about half of the milk at first, stir until there are no lumps left, and then add the rest.

And yes, I use unrefined sugar & organic everything in case you wonder 😉

Home made chocolat cream - ingredients

Heat up and stir very very regularly. I don’t stir the whole time. It hurts! But to stir very regularly is required otherwise it sticks to the bottom of the pan.

At first, as you stir, there will probably be bubbles forming. But a few minutes later, the magic will happen… The chocolat will become shiny and darker and the bubbles will disappear.

When the cream is creamy, stop the heat!

Yeah not a food blogger! 😉

Poor right away in your yogurt jars. If you don’t act quickly, the cream will become difficult to handle.

You should cover your lovely dessert. If you don’t have lids for your yogurt jars, you can do like me and put cupcakes paper cups on top of them. I absolutely refuse to cover them with plastic wrap and simply reuse the 4 same paper cups over and over.

Now, you should put your chocolat cream in the fridge. I don’t like to put hot things in the fridge. It’s not a recommended thing to do in general. For those desserts, I do an exception.

2-3 hours later… yummy!

Home made comfort food - Chocolat cream easy recipe

Next time I do those, I’ll reduce the sugar further. I think that 15g of sugar per desert is still a lot (not even counting the corn starch), so I’ll go for 10g and add a bit of milk. I might add a pinch of salt though, to see how that tastes! I’ll let you know!

Oh, I suppose I should mention that it takes me 15 minutes to do those. This includes the washing of the pan and ustensiles!

Don’t forget to lick the spoon. Yes, you can run your finger on the side of the pan too! 😉

#NotaFoodBlogger !! 😉

Home made comfort food - confinement approved - Chocolat cream easy recipe

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