A Pocket Guide to Medieval Castle Vocabulary


Medieval Castles are my thing! I love visiting them, I love being able to wander around and day dream about these mysterious times, princesses and their beautiful dresses, princes & valiant knights… OK I’m a girl šŸ˜‰ But more seriously I’m also very fond of romanesque and gothic architecture. So if I could, I would live in a castle!! (oops day dreaming again!!)

If you like medieval castles as well, you might be interested in the mini guide I have just created for my other blog: Road Trips around the World.

I’m super proud of the result and super excited to show it to the world!

My goal is to help people enjoy visiting medieval castle more, by having a better understanding of what they are seing. Understanding the main vocabulary used in guides, books and brochures means that when you are visiting aĀ castle, you will probably get to appreciate the overall experienceĀ more.

This is one of the drawing you will find in there:

Medieval Castle Terminology

This mini guide is a simple one page document that folds to a tiny size that you can carry in your pocket when visiting castles. It’s full of information and shows the names of all the mainĀ buildings and features as well as some explanations on some specific items, like why staircases are curved and go up in a clockwise direction!

Check out my other blog, Road Trips around the World at www.roadtripsaroundtheworld.com to see other pictures of my mini guide! or hereĀ for direct access.

Pocket guide - Medieval castle vocabulary - A4 format

Obviously, I have hand-drawn the little castle and the other architectural details. These were scanned, cleaned up in Photoshop and used in InDesign to produce the above presentation.


I love renaissance castle as well, and I love churches, so that might be a hint on what the next mini guides will be šŸ˜‰



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