A new addition to my mini-guides collection

It has been a while since I last designed a mini guide so I’m really happy to have managed this one. It’s a guide about Roman Architecture, which you may find useful for your next trip to Europe… and beyond.

A guide for smart travelers - available for download on www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com


A Roman Architecture Guide

The idea with this guide was to provide a visual aid to travelers who visit ancient Roman sites, which may be in an advance state of ruins. A guide to enable them to identify what they were looking at, while being able to imagine how grandiose it might have been, a few thousand years ago.

This Roman architecture guide just scratches the surface on what Roman architecture was like but it is just a starting point. It is a 2 page documents, available for download as a high-definition pdf on https://www.roadtripsaroundtheworld.com/roman-architecture-guide/

Here is what it looks like! Check it out.

Roman Architecture - page 1 - A mini guide designed with love by Miss Coco for www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com Roman Architecture - page 2 - A mini guide designed with love by Miss Coco for www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com

There are 2 drawings that I’m probably going to change on this guide. I thought it was a good idea to re-use my Colosseum drawing (the one I did for the New 7 wonders of the World map) but now I don’t think so anymore. The Thermal drawing should be better as well.

I’m working on something a bit bigger so the updated version will come together.

A growing collection of Architecture mini guides

I now have 4 different architecture mini guides. Two of those guides are focused on specific types of buildings, namely castles and churches: You can find the guide focused on the vocabulary used to describe castles here and the one for churches here.

And now, I have 2 guides which cover different architectural periods. The first one was for Medieval Architecture, namely Romanesque and Gothic architecture. You can check it here. And this second one, about Roman architecture. I’m covering quite an extensive period of time!


Where can I get those guides you may wonder? 

Go to www.RoadTripsaroundtheWorld.com to download a high-definition pdf version of these guides. All my mini guides are free. The dotted lines mark where you should be folding. Just saying!

Completely out of topic stuffs you may need to know or not

If you’ve never been around here before, you might be a bit confused about the content of this blog, especially if you’ve paid attention to its name. So just to be clear, yes, when I started this blog I wanted it to be mostly about photography, hence the name. And then things got derailed. I changed my mind and decided to focus on my other website, Road Trips around the World, RTatW for the ones in the know. An unpronounceable acronym, I know.

So Beautiful Things, this blog, became a place where I relaxed. Where I shared my DIY, my drawings and other stuffs. A more ‘personal blog’, if that’s how it is still called. A blog with no direction but also no constraint.

Then sh@t happened, almost a year ago, and I also used this space to unleashed my emotions. I even have a category for these post: “Things you don’t need to read!” Not linking it because you really don’t need to read! 😉 I try to not do that on RTatW, even if there are a couple personal thoughts and feelings, buried here and there. Here I use F*@#! and Sh@#t and other bad words. Here I cry while writing. Not always, don’t worry!

Beautiful Things has become my safe online space. If there is such a thing!? It has become a bundle of mismatch posts on anything and everything. Oh no, wait I never posted any recipes?! Maybe I should!!

So, yeah, I know it’s confusing. I know it’s terrible to follow. I know, I know.

I have considered reshaping it and even renaming it. I’ve even tried but it led to nowhere, mostly because I still don’t have a clear view of what I want. So for now, I’ll just continue to include, completely out of topic stuff in the middle of post like this one. And I’ll continue to cry my heart out when I need to.

So why am I saying this here? Because I got asked why I create mini guides? Who am I to talk about architecture and stuffs? 

I’m just a traveler who loves to discover ancient sites & ancient history.

I’m just a sucker for UNESCO World Heritage sites, Medieval Castles & Gothic Cathedrals.

However, I’m not an architect, I’m not a history teacher, I wasn’t even good in history when I was a student!

The reason I create mini guides and maps is because I want to help people discover the World. My guides are there to give basic information that I have usually found lacking when visiting historical places, like medieval castles.

Despite not being an architect or an historian or else, I’m pretty confident about the content of my guides because I spend a lot of time, studying these topics. Like a huge amount of time! Plus I have visited a lot of places like the ones I talk about.

So my guides may not be perfect but they are pretty good!



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