Another Mini Guide is out and it’s all about Churches!

You’ve probably seen the mini guide I created about castle architecture? If you haven’t you should check it out!! This is my latest creation: a mini guide about church architecture! Check it out!

Like for the castle mini guide, my goal is to help you enjoy visiting churches more. Knowing the main vocabulary used in guides, books and brochures, means that when you are visiting a church, you will probably get to appreciate the overall experience more. You don’t need to learn it by heart, you can just print it, fold it and keep it in your pocket. That’s exactly why my guides are mini in size!

This is one of the drawing you will find in there:

Miss Coco Design- Mini guide about Church architecture -

And this is what the full guide looks like:

Miss Coco Design- Mini guide about Church architecture -


Go to to download a pdf version of this guide and see the folding instructions.

Hope you get to enjoy!