I’m vegan!

Yeah, I’m vegan! And some remarks are pushing my buttons. Have you ever heard a carrot scream? Nop, me either…

Where do you get your protein from?

If we stopped eating animals, they would take over the World.

Vegetables suffer too.

Most people are genuinely interested about meeting people who are vegan and discussing the reasons they choose to go vegan. Others just seem to consider these as opportunities to scream ‘yeah bacon!’ and look even more stupid & uneducated than they already are.

So yes, it pushes my buttons and I thought about what the carrot scream may sound like and concluded on the following!!

Miss Coco design - Screaming carrot - beautifulthings-photography.com

Note 1: Even if we were to confirm one day that, that’s not what carrot scream when they die, by going vegan, you still save countless lives, animals and plants alike, because animals raised for meet consume far more plants than vegans do.

Note 2: No ‘Yeah bacon’ in the comment section, they will get deleted!