The Art of Henna

Last week end, I was invited to the henna ceremony preceding a typical moroccan wedding. And I’d just like to say: Whoa!

The wedding was incredibly beautiful… the dresses, the fairy tale decoration, the pure joy of the people being there to celebrate love. It was such an honor to be there and my eyes were filled with glitter!

What had very much impressed me, the day before, is the typical henna ceremony, where the bride (and her friends) gets her hands and feet adorned with intricate designs, drawn with henna. My God, the ‘henna girl’ was super talented! She was drawing so quickly, such detailed patterns, it was mesmerizing to see her art come to life.

Probably like you, I had seen many pictures of the result, but never had I imagined the precise work involved.

Art & talent can be expressed in many forms…

Picture by Miss Coco - putting on Henna -

Picture by Miss Coco at a Henna Ceremony - Picture by Miss Coco - Henna Ceremony - Picture by Miss Coco - The Henna Ceremony -