Different ways to gift your photos

Last year, I was invited for the first time, to cover one of the Sephora VIP events, that they organize for their best clients. It was such an honor. it was also so exciting and sooo stressing! But it seems I did a good job, since they invited me again this year! 🙂

Taking pictures during an event is not that easy: the crowd, the limited space, the light, are all, challenges. Taking pictures in a store, during a party? Well you can multiple these challenges by 10! But I learned a lot from my previous experience so this time, I arrived a bit more relaxed, and a lot more prepared!!


What did not change is that it was very important to me, to find a nice way to share the result with them.


Last year, I choose to print the best pictures and I presented them in a nice customized box which also contained a usb stick with all the selected pictures.


This year I needed to find something different! After much consideration, I bought a digital photo frame which I hope they will put on the counter so their clients can see the pictures as well.

Miss Coco - Picture frame - Sephora gift-5


I think this is a really nice way to gift pictures. I was never a ‘digital photo frame’ fan, I don’t even own one and don’t really intend to. But I think that in certain circumstances, it’s an optimal choice. Now, I’m even considering getting one for my parents!

Words of advise: Check really carefully the quality of the frame. High resolution is a must. Be comfortable with how it operates, how the pictures are displayed and how to navigate into the various menus (between pictures and video for ex). You might not need all the fancy higher-end features like Wi-Fi, full Web browsers, streaming Internet radio, and text news feeds, these really add to the cost.



So let’s consider what other cool ways there are to gift your pictures.

Getting one or 2 printed on a mug, a t-shirt, or an iPhone case is easy. And of course getting a picture framed is always nice. But that doesn’t work when you have several to numerous photos you want to share and let’s be real, a limited budget.


So here are some ideas that might work for you. You will mostly need some nice pictures, a bit of time, a spoon full of love and maybe a bit of glue 😉

Create a slide show that can be displayed on a computer background or even on the tv.

 Design a website. Just use WordPress and choose a nice theme which is primarily made to display pictures. You can password protect so only the people who the pictures are intended for can access them.

Display your pictures on a Digital photo frame. 

Create a scrapbook style photo album. Be creative! the sky is the limit.

Get a book printed. If you’re not in scrapbooking, you could have a book printed. It is not as expensive as you may think and the result can be stunning. You can always go digital if you prefer. An e-book of your best travel pictures, anyone?

Create a display with an Instagram feel. Print square pictures and display them by row of 3. You can pin them or glue them to rectangular support that the person you are giving this to, will need to display (in this case make sure it matches her interior). Or you can just attach each picture to a string of your choice. Possibilities are endless here of what time of string and how to attach the pictures to the string. Try to choose what is best for the person you are giving this to. If you want to be able to change the pictures from time to time, choose a way to attach the pictures that is not permanent, like mini clothespins

Little magnets that can be displayed on a fridge. No real need to go fancy here. Print your pictures in small size, cut, glue on a cardboard or little balsa plank (you may want to paint it first). Glue a little magnet behind. Et voilà!

Design a calendar. You may have more than 12 pictures to display, in which case, do not hesitate to do a photo montage for certain months.


These are some of the ideas I had on how to share my pictures of the Sephora event with the team and their clients. As I said this year I choose the digital photo frame but if they invite me again, you have an idea of what I’ll do next!!


I hope you find this useful and if you have other ideas you want to share, do not hesitate to comment below. Remember it’s free!