New mini Guide: Medieval Architecture Overload!


In case you haven’t been around here much, you need to know I like to design mini guides. Today I (finally!) released a new one… a mini guide on Medieval Architecture Vocabulary.

Sound a bit weird?!

So why mini guides you may ask? 

First of all, I love castles, monasteries, churches, cathedrals…. Anything old really. These past couple years, I have visited more than I can count and have started blogging about them on my other little corner of the internet world at (Yes I love road trips too, but don’t let me get started on that!).

Visiting so many of those places, I realized that tours often provide either too little information, either too much super technical, historical and impossible to remember information. Most people are just lost and have no understanding of what they are seeing in both cases.

So I thought I should help and decided to create mini guides.

They are mini in their format but packed with information! And I hope, that they are easy to understand. I included lots of drawings to illustrate the specific vocabulary and all the basic infos on the topic they cover.

They are kind of like a cheat sheet that you can cary in your pocket and refer to whenever needed.

Sounds cool, don’t you think!?!


Which mini guides are available so far? 

My first mini guide was about Medieval Castle Vocabulary. You can check it out here.

My second mini guide was about Church Architecture Vocabulary. You can check it here.

And this third mini guide is about Medieval Architecture Vocabulary!

This is what the first page looks like:



Contrary to the previous ones which were just one page, this new guide has 2 pages!

Below you can see 2 extracts from the second page.


I might have overdone it on the windows!!! 😉


Further Disclosure

I’m not an architect, I’m not an historian and my history teachers would laugh if they knew I had such a renewed interest (actually just a new interest) in these matters. I hated history sooo much, I admit, it is kind of hilarious.

Now, I have to study a lot to produce these mini guides. I do a lot of online research but also have a growing collection of architecture & history books from which I can cross check information. Drawing the appropriate images isn’t always a piece of cake either. Acanthus leaves are not that easy to drawn, if you ask me!

So overall, these mini guides might be simple and but they are truly a work of love and passion and I thought you should know!!

Where can I get one? 

Go to to download a pdf version of this guide and see the folding instructions. My mini guides are all free. You can also share with your friends!


What will be in the next one? 

Hey!!… I’ve just finished this one! You’re going to have to wait a bit!! 😉 Nothing medieval if that’s where you were heading!!





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