I can resist everything, except temptation

Yesterday was Oscar Wilde’s birthday and our hike in the Mullerthal region go me thinking of one of his quote: I can resist everything, except temptation…

I don’t know why?! It seems a bit random!


It might be because it was such a beautiful day. Or maybe it’s because this region of Luxembourg is so surprising. Or simply because hiking does that. It opens up your brain. You chat randomly about things, anything and ideas pop.

So I wondered what are the temptations I can’t resist and I came up with this list:

  • Anything with chocolat
  • Taking too many pictures
  • Travelling & wandering through the World
  • Tea, scones & more scones
  • Roaming through antique markets and confidential stores
  • Visiting castles & cathedrals
  • Cuddling with puppies, smelling their paws
  • A fire place, a comfy blanket and a good book
  • Day dreaming
  • A porch, a great view, good company and a glass of wine
  • Lazy Sundays with Mr A

Oh I’m a sinner! But it’s ok because “I don’t want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there” 😉



Happy Birthday M. Oscar Wilde! Thank you for your wit & charms.


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