Having fun with the Girls: Linoleum Carving!

For the past 2 years, I’ve spent almost every Tuesday evening taking Graphic Design classes. We did so many different things during these 2 years, it would be hard to list. Last night we spent the evening finishing up with our linoleum carving, and printing like crazy.

Linoleum carving and printing is so much fun. It’s addictive! It’s kind of unpredictable how things are going turn out and the moment you see your print is kind of magic, every time.

There was a lot of ‘Whoa’ ‘Oooooh’ ‘sooo cute’ moments during the class. It was also very emotional as this was the last class of the year and probably my very last class as I don’t think I’ll continue next year. Every good thing has to come to an end…


This is my first linoleum block. Just some simple leaves.

Linoleum - carving

This is Lisa applying the ink to her cute owls.

Linoleum - Lisa applying ink

This is one of the first prints of my leaves.

Linoleum -Miss Coco - blue leaves

Lucile, our teacher did 2 blocks. The first one below is of her jungle. The pink was so perfect!!! lol

Linoleum - Lucile Matter - she does matter- Jungle

Lucile second linoleum block was those 3 little fishes. It turned out so well.

Linoleum -Lucile Matter - she does matter - Fish

Lisa, the most talented student, first did a princess with a frog (which I didn’t get and I’m so sorry) and her second linoleum block was those super cute owls.

Linoleum -Lisa owls Linoleum - Lisa owls blue

I also did a second block for fun, these 2 little red pandas playing.

Linoleum -red pandas

We printed and printed and printed until we couldn’t think of any more colors! Here are some of the tests:

Linoleum - all tests

There is a little geisha in the middle of the picture, and that was done by Sarah. Hanne did the blue dancing doll with the little tools around her, to illustrate a story she is writing. I hope I’ll get to read it one day as it sounds like an adorable story.


My blue leaves made it to my frames’ wall!! It’s still a work in progress, but I do know what’s next….

Linoleum -Miss Coco - blue leaves - framed



Lucile is a wonderful teacher and a talented illustrator. Check out her profile on Behance.

I’m sure you’ll like it.




If you want to try it at home, you’ll need:

The Linoleum Block. Those 5″x7″ are great.

You also need a Linoleum Carving Kit. This is a good one.

The wooden handles are very comfortable to work with and 5 blades are enough to start with and have fun.

Obviously you will need ink. A kit with the basic colors is best (cyan, magenta, yellow, key and white). I haven’t tried this one, but it seems to be the best choice to start with. Don’t buy big bottles. The ink will dry and they will become hard to work with.

A brayer is required to ink the linoleum appropriately. I have tried painting my block without it, it just doesn’t work!!

And plenty of paper!!! You should try different types of paper, different colors and different textures, it’s just fun and you might be happily surprised!

It gets a bit pricey to start with but some of those tools you can keep for a long time if you are careful with them.



Last year, I did some elephants. Check out my post here if you haven’t seen it.



Enjoy, have Fun and let me know in the comment below if you like linoleum carving!!!