It's time to change and build a better World

Well, this is kind of the introvert dream… we’re on lock down and all social obligations are cancelled! We also have to keep our distance with everybody and stay at home!

For me, it’s pretty much business as usual but in way that is compliant with society’s requirements! hooray!

Building a better world

OK, there is a big difference for me too, as my partner is at home now, working remotely. He is going to be home 24/7. That is going to be hard for him and slightly stressing for me, at times!

And like so many others, I am worried for my family and especially my dad.

However, I have suddenly felt a sense of relief that, for at least 2 to 3 weeks, I don’t have to think of organizing a diner, I don’t have to plan a week-end to visit some friends or even just go out to have drinks. I’m free! Locked at home, but free!

This feeling probably won’t last, but right now I’m very much enjoying it!!

Now, I know it’s going to be hard for a lot of people. Not just because of the fear, the uncertainty about the health of our loved ones, the strain on our finances, the future in general… And in no way am I trying to downgrade the gravity of the situation we are in.

What I’m trying to do here is bring a little smile to your life if you are reading this. And share a few tips on how to handle.

It’s time to change

For the ones of us who are lucky enough to not fear immediate financial struggles, who do not have to worry about our next meal, for the ones of us who are not medical professionals or in roles in the direct line of fire, it’s time to change.

This is a time to change, to reprogram ourselves, to heal our wounds and reconnect with what’s important.

This points to the other reason why being in isolation is going to be hard for many. It is because a lot of people are unease with themselves, with their thoughts, with having time… They keep busy in part because that’s what they’ve always done, in part because it keeps them away from themselves.

A lot of people rely on their jobs to keep them busy. This keeps their brains occupied and away from their own thoughts. I’ve been there, I did this too.

Being locked up at home and working remotely is going to be hard. They are going to be faced with themselves unable, at first, the see the value of such a predicament.

But it’s time to change, to learn new ways of being, to learn to live simpler lives, mindfully and with love. It’s time to learn to love ourselves, to heal, to improve ourselves and be better humans for us, for our families, our friends, for humanity and for the Earth.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but this lockdown may just be the beginning of a new era. One where people come out stronger & smarter. One where humanity doesn’t just go back to the old ways but find new ways to be together, to live in harmony with others and with nature.

I do acknowledge that the current behavior of a part of the population isn’t encouraging. The hoarders of pasta and rice, toilet paper or weapons, the deniers, the public kissers, the selfish and the ones who don’t care… But so many others have already adopted behaviors that show humanity can come out of this stronger. There is hope. There is light at the end of the quarantine!

So what can we do?

We can join the wagon of the amazing people who have already adopted new ways of life. The ones who have decided to take control and refused to panic in the face of this unknown situation. We can join the ones who want to have better lives after all of this and are dreaming it, designing it and planning it. The ones who have already realized that living with less, buying less, worrying less about all social pressure, appearance and else makes them happier!

Let’s built a better world together

Yes I’m a dreamer but I also believe it’s the only way to go forward after such hardships. It’s our only hope really, in the long run and for the majority of us & for the Earth.

A couple handy tips to start & to cope with confinement

Keep a routine: I think for most people, it is important to keep a routine. Get up at the same time, eat at the same time and go to sleep at the same time. Your body will appreciate the consistency.

Cook! Stay healthy by taking this opportunity to cook from scratch. You do now have time to let vegetables simmer! You probably have time to froze a few cooked meals, try new recipes, clean your pantries.

Exercise: It is entirely possible to exercise from home! Yes it is! There are plenty of videos on youtube to start exercising with almost no specific equipment. Think of yoga of course but if you do have some small equipment at hand, then the possibilities are almost endless!

Meditate: Meditation will help you cope with the anxiety of such difficult times and so much more. If you’ve never tried, no matter how many times you’ve been told it feels great. If you’ve tried but never really managed… now is the time to do it all over again!

Learn new things: Yes, I’m going to be watching a bit of Netflix too. But this doesn’t usually leads to feeling much better. On the contrary, I usually feel sluggish when I spend an afternoon binge watching a show and not smarter. Yes it happened to me in the past but now I avoid it.

Instead, use this new found time to learn new things, a new language maybe or just generally new skills. Read books!

Or focus on doing the things you love: If you don’t want to learn new things or don’t feel like it, then do the things you love. (Not talking about Netflix here! )

I’m sure you have things you love doing but which you never have time for. Things that always get pushed aside for another day.

I certainly never have enough time to draw, at as much as I want to. Not sure this will actually change in the coming weeks.

Tour Saint Jacques - Paris

Spring cleaning & declutter: Spring is here! So spring cleaning is spot on! Time to declutter and dust off every corner of your home! You’ll feel great about it.

Time to wash all your winter clothes, put them away until next year and get your wardrobe ready for a new season!

However, do not start a renovation project which might require physical tools you do not have. Don’t knock down a wall for example. Where I am, at least, the recycling center is closed so there is no way to properly dispose of home project leftovers.

Self-care: Self-care means a lot of different things to lots of different people. Mind, body and soul is the holly trinity to some while for others self-care is limited to putting a night cream.

What ever your position on the self-care scale is, improve the situation! Some of the items above are already there to help on that front. And here, I want to add just one thing: Breathe & let go.

Breathe, truly breathe, even if just a few minutes.

Let go. Let go of the negativity, the fears, the loathing, the doubts … Just let go. Little by little.


There is nothing mind-blowing, here, in this list. Those are simple tips, for a simple life. Smile & enjoy the time you get with the people near you. Reconnect with the people who are far away. Write them long emails to catch up. Cuddle with your doggo!

Enjoy the simple pleasure of life & take care!

Let's build a better World

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