My favorite Danish spots!

If Denmark is on your BID list, you’re going to love this map! Or at least I hope you will!

I’ve included in this road trip itinerary all my favorite things to see in Denmark. This map will take you from dreamy castles to beautiful countryside and from cool cities to hot Viking spots. Of course, it includes all the Danish UNESCO World Heritage sites, apart from the ones in Greenland.

Forewords to skip

Around 6 months ago, I started drawing my favorites spots in Denmark to create a new road trip map. I was on fire back then! Within the 6 previous months, I had created maps of Cyprus, Paris, Luxembourg and a new mini guide amongst other things. And then… well, you know, my life crashed into pieces.

Last month, I finally got my head around finishing those drawings and I spent some time, this month, to bring the map to life. It actually took me far more time than usual, to do so. Picking up such a project where I had left off, felt like a necessary step in my grieving process. Yet, it also felt like it meant I was moving on. It felt like, I was telling myself, it was time to move on. Somehow, struggling so much to finish also showed me, I wasn’t ready.

I pushed through those difficult feelings, I struggled, I hesitated. I backed up several times. I almost scratched it all. It felt like a gigantic project when it really wasn’t. It also felt pointless. Somehow, I persevered and made it to finish line. It isn’t perfect and I probably could have done better but considering the circumstances, I am a little proud. Not so much of the result but of the fact that I finished it.

Yes, I’m just talking about a map, a silly, insignificant artistic project! It might as well have been the conquest of the Himalaya, as it felt like it!

A road trip map to visit Denmark

Without further ado, here it is: the map of Denmark with all my favorite spots.

Map of Denmark - designed by Miss Coco for

If you wish to download it, you need to go on my other blog to A Road Trip in Denmark page where you will find the map in high-definition PDF, as well as the full itinerary.

Danish goodies

As usual, I have also created a few “goodies” meaning postcards (!) that you can also download for free.

Postcards from Denmark designed by Miss Coco for

You can find these individual postcards on RTatW Postcard page although to gain access, you need to subscribe to RTatW “amazing” or “soon to be amazing” newsletter! 😉

I have also created the below montage which is my favorite!

Denmark Postcard - designed by Miss Coco for

And as you know my obsession with Society6, despite my total absence during the last couple months, I have made those ‘best of Denmark’ available as art prints, notebooks and cards. You can find those here

If you think I should add other products, just let me know!
Best of Denmark - Design by Miss Coco - available on


Hope you like those!



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