Looking Back to Look Forward

There are lessons that you can only learn by looking in the past.

2017 has been shitty. Not talking about politics, climate change, stupid wars, disconnection in a World of hyper connectivity, harassment of all sorts… I’m lamenting on a selfish level and a personal shitty year, although all of the above have had their impacts on me.

Naively I was expecting the Year End, as the end of it all: the end of my grief, the end of my fears, the end of all my troubles. New Years are seen as new beginnings full of promises, not just the ones we make to ourselves.

As 2018 slowly settles in, I am faced with the sole reality that the beginning of a new year is just the continuation of the previous one. Same grief, same fears, same troubles.┬áIt feels weird to write this because it is so profoundly stupid to think it would be otherwise. I’ve celebrated quite a few New Years so far, so I should have known better! Yet, a little corner of my mind was still hoping for a miracle!

Lesson learned!

If we do start New Years with all our baggage, thankfully we also start them with all the assets we have. All our fond memories, all our talents, all our abilities, passions, hopes, emotions, all the things we learned… and that alone is something to be grateful for.

So I am looking forward to explore 2018 and lived it to the best, no matter what happens. I hope you do too.




Since this was a super weird way to wish you a happy New year, here are a few cards that you can download for free if you wish. Resize, print, cut to your likings. You know the drill.

Adobe offered its users some mock ups and I played with them a little. Not fantastic result but not terribly bad either.

Season's greetings - Design by Miss Coco


Happy Holidays - Design by Miss Coco


Happy new Year - Design by Miss Coco


Happy New Year to you! May 2018 be just a little better than 2017!

With Love xoxo

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