A personalized wedding gift

A few weeks back, my dear friend got married and I wanted to give her something special for such occasion. Something really special and personal.

It turns out, finding special & personal gift ideas, isn’t an easy thing to do! Well, I don’t know if you have the same type of issues but I’ve never been good at finding gifts anyway.  Once every ten years, I may have a genius idea and hit the mark of perfection, but that’s about it!

So as time was flying and the wedding was approaching, I was still pondering what I could get my friends for her wedding? Make-up, a new fragrance, a gift vouchers for a massage for two? Something for their new home? “Mr & Mrs” mugs, bed sheets or what ever else? Anything with hearts or birdies kissing or both?… All of those ideas can work and are nice gestures, but these weren’t what I had in mind. I wanted to find something really memorable, something they would both like. Yes, something maybe unusual too, to show them how much I care.

The light bulb finally lit up 3 days before the wedding! I rushed to my Wacom tablet, open Illustrator and ‘tadaaaa’!! The magic finally happened. OK maybe not so magic but my friends loved it so that’s what mattered most!

Wedding gift - designed by Miss Coco


No I didn’t just send her the jpg file!

Yes, I printed my creation and even framed it.

The wrapping was not my most glorious moment but she did not mind…

Yes, the drawing of the Louvre is the one I used on my Paris map and that is because I am allowed to recycle my own drawings! 😉



Despite my life being in turmoil, I wanted to share this with you as I though you might like it. It does help me too, to think of happy moments so it’s a win-win!!


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