The independent woman starter kit

What does it mean to be an independent woman? I’m not entirely sure but I suspect that most humans presently still alive are fairly strong and independent at this point. If you’ve survived a pandemic and are still functioning approximatively like a human, you’re not doing too bad!

OK, maybe I’m setting the bar a little low. Let’s raise it a little, but first a bit of fun…

Disclaimer: Please do note that there is a truck load of affiliated links in the piece. If you decide to make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The independent woman starter kit

My internet bubble depiction of a strong independent woman

In my life, at the moment, there are a couple things that I’m using the internet for. These include 1- work out videos and information, 2 – renovation and DIY projects for our new apartment and 3 – motorcycle related info like gear, safety tips and so forth.

A little stuck in my internet filter bubble, I’ve been getting memes and reels about what it means to be a strong and independent woman, instead of the puppies ones I used to get! Go figure!

You may have seen them too on Instagram. One of the first one was:

“I don’t want to be strong like man who look pretty,

I want to be strong like bitch that fights bears in the forest”


Well, I actually don’t want to fight bears in the forest, I just want to be strong enough to put my motorcycle on its rear stand. But you get the point.

Another type of reels I now get is the one that say something along these lines:

If you’re going to try to date an independent chick, make sure you are very secure with yourself. Because they do not need you, they want you and there’s a big difference. An independent woman is not made for an insecure man. That’s a fact.


Such voice over is often used for videos of women working on huge home renovation projects. Wait, these are the ones that are shown to me at least, it might be used for other types of reels.

And then I get reels about women riding their bikes of course! These made me really happy because I’m clearly not the only one too short for her bike!

So it seems from my internet bubble that an independent chick is physically strong, extremely crafty and is probably a biker! Am I there yet?!

The independent woman starter kit

Based on this, here is a little starter kit. I’ve excluded motorcycle related items because I don’t think you should get one just to look like you got this ‘independent chick’ figured out. Get one only because you want one!

Anyway, an independent woman needs a couple tools.

The independent woman starter kit

Like a good tool box (1) . Even if she’s not into DIY projects, she still has some basic tools to handle things around the house.

A spider catcher (2) is a must have! Every now and then, she knows she might have to face a beast all alone and is equipped to do so!

While there are beasts with too many legs, there are dangers with other bipeds too. Since she can’t have a body guard, a pepper spray (3) seems to be the next best option.

Now an independent woman also know how to take care of herself.

She can cook and has mastered the proper use of her forever skillet, an iron cast pan of course (4). She takes her vitamins (5), she takes care of her skin. She exercise regularly and isn’t afraid to be locked at home for she knows great home workouts and is equipped (6). Of course she does kegel (7)! And may have more toys to keep herself happy (no links here, you know what I mean anyway!), while still ready for a hot night (8)!

She learns new thinks regularly, useful and practical skills or things about herself. She isn’t afraid to explore the dark corner of her soul (9).

Yet, she is also a modern woman! She does have a purse that fits her life in it, including a nice power bank for her phone (10). Because life is full of unexpected and running out of juice isn’t an option.

Obviously, she cares about the environment and carries around reusable shopping bags (11). You won’t see her on the go, without her stainless steel water bottle (12).

An independent woman lives a full life and has a planner (13) to keep track of all her shenanigans.

But being independent isn’t so much about the tools than it is about a mindset!

I had fun with this starter kit but you know, being independent isn’t so much about the tools or the things you can do. It is more of a mindset. You can be and independent woman and still share the bills with your partner or rely on him to catch spiders. You don’t need to know how to change a tire, or even own a car, you don’t need to own power tools.

With regards to money, I am stuck in my own bias and will personally always need to earn my own, as well as to have a comfy level of savings. It makes me feel safe. You may feel different about it.

As for relationships, being independent doesn’t mean not caring about others, it doesn’t mean being alone. It simply means to value oneself. Don’t be scared if you’re not there yet, it can take a lifetime and we are all somehow figuring it out along the way, don’t we?!

Not such a bad idea for a coffee mug, if you ask me! 😉

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