July and my Birthday celebrations!

Now that July feels long gone, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. July left a bitter sweet taste and I really don’t know why. It might explain the delay in publishing these words.

I got a new bike...;)
My partner has a sense of humour!

Let’s try to recap to not forget.

Birthday resolutions!

For the past couple years, I did not like celebrating my Birthday. It felt awkward and even unpleasant to be reminded that time is fleeing. Just like I never liked setting New Years goals, only to forget about them by the end of January.

The passing of my mom changed a lot of things for me. The uncertainty of the time I have left with my dad has led to a rewrite of my priorities. Minty (my motorcycle, you know right?!) has shaken things too.

Last year, on my Birthday, I drove Minty. Really drove it, for the first time. I put it in 3rd gear, I went past the railway track and on to the World! It felt that way despite the short distance. It was marvellous. The best way possible to celebrate my Birthday!

Now, I even set ‘goals’ yearly. Now, I do a lot of things I didn’t like doing.

And now, I like celebrating my Birthday! This year, I read this marvellous quote a couple days before:

Anni, amori e bicchieri di vino, nun se contano mai

I don’t speak Italian but this quote quickly became my very favourite! It means “Years, lovers and glasses of wine; these things that must not be counted.” I will now live by this quote forever!

I might have to work on the lovers part but I did master the glasses of wine part, during my days of celebrations 😉

Eventually, the celebrations ended and I had to get back home. I was happy but work soon suck up some of my joy.

The reputation Europeans have, is that they all take off during Summer, that nothing gets done. Well, let me tell you… enough people stay behind and continue to work! At least in my surrounding, enough stayed behind to keep my schedule full all of July!

Little follow ups

Apartment wise, July was a great month, just like June had been! The final lights were installed in the bedroom. All curtains rods are now installed, some curtains were installed and hems were done too. The counter top in the bathroom was handled. Sounds like little progress but these have a huge impact. At least on my mood!

We still have the back kitchen to handle. Part of it we will do ourselves but then there is the partition and I still have no clue how to handle. And then there will be the dressing issue. My partner’s desk is being discussed, the plumber has to come back for the main bathroom, there are still plenty of lights to find and install… But then it will all be about decoration! Oh wait, we also need a headboard for our bed… Still the list is getting a little shorter and feels more manageable.

Bike wise, I was in despair but I finally got my wheels back! On my Birthday!! How marvellous is that?

Minty has its wheels!
Minty has its gloriously shiny wheels!


Since I didn’t handle the new online investment I’ve been looking into, I’ve increased my other online investments.

The thing is that there has been some issues with the payment of my invoices, so I haven’t had the huge cashflow I’ve been expecting. Sure it has increased but not dramatically, as expected. This prompted further thoughts on my money mindset.


The extra income I have received has been largely spent toward the apartment. I got what I needed and the biggest expenses are pretty much all behind us. Regular spending are mostly back on track it seems and that is extremely reinsuring!

Sewing / drawing

All the curtains hems were done. For now, at least. The curtains in my office are not ok. Will see how this goes.

Now I did start making pillows with the main bedroom hem leftovers. Haven’t finished yet but they are going to be a nice matching touch, on the bed!

Not the type of sewing that is exiting but I feel it is still a good way to get back to it.


I managed to do a little when at my dad which felt incredibly good. Mechanic breaks your back!

When I got back home, I really got into the grove and managed to exercise at a lot more every week. However, my tummy has been acting up again and the scale isn’t moving which, by now, is very disappointing 😦

Great read

This book has helped me.

Time unfolding

You know the drill… or maybe not! So I’ll write it again, the below is for me, I’m just journalling the progress

First week

I rushed to issue my quarterly invoices, wrap up a few hot topics and attend to a few important meetings. But my mind was already gone. Not far away, just at my regular spot, at my dad’s place. It didn’t matter, I was ready for my ‘vacation’!

And I knew it was going to be great because I knew I was getting my wheels back!! On my Birthday!

My partner who had struggled to find me a gift, thought this was the most unfair situation of all… he could never compete with my wrench and his ‘gift’ 😉

It was supposed to take a month or 2, I waited 5 months for my wheels and other bits to be chromed.

Anyway, this was a glorious day and a glorious weekend. My favourite cousin was there with me, camping. We drank a lot of champagne! We were cut out from the world in my bubble and it felt amazing.

Second week

I stayed 10 days at my dad’s place so we worked a lot! My dad and I managed to put the wheels back on Minty. She looked amazing! I took her on a test drive. More adjustments were needed. But all went well although by the time she was ready, the weather had turned to boiling temperatures, my brother had arrived and it was time for me to leave.

Little slice of heaven

Third week

As you may guess, I got back home exhausted! Getting back on track with work was hard because my mind was still elsewhere. I also knew there was a lot more to do in the apartment. All the things I had forgotten during my vacation came back rushing and begging to be handled!

Forth week

Knowing that my next trip was still 2 weeks off, made it a little harder than usual. On one side, I was really glad to have a month to myself. A month with regularity and progress. On the other side, I soon start behaving like a lion in a cage, when I don’t get to take my little trips and this is something I felt pretty strongly that week.

But my back kitchen and bathroom countertops were delivered so I knew I had a lot to handle! The bathroom countertop was handled right away. The kitchen has to wait.

In short

For the first time in a long time, I was reminded how great it feels to be on vacation. For some reasons the 10 days spent at my dad felt like vacations this time. I came back tired but so much more relaxed and with a quiet mind.

So, I don’t really know why I have a bitter sweet taste about July. Is it simply because I didn’t get to drive Minty a whole lot? Is it because I thought by now I would be road tripping with it.

Is it something else?

Maybe it is the delay with my invoices payments. It’s becoming really annoying.

Maybe it’s because I see summer going by and I’m spending most of it working. It can’t really be that because I never liked to take summer off. Too expensive, too hot, too many people…

OK, this is supposed to stay short and yet I don’t have an answer! Seems unlikely to come from August at this point.

Oh well…

Hope you are making the most of your summer!

My happy place

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