The diary of a despairing new homeowner

Today the moon is almost full. It’s 4:30 AM, I’m sitting on my tiny grand mother’s sofa. I didn’t think it would end up in my office but I didn’t get a choice. It’s not bad actually, I’m happy it’s here.

My desk is a mess. The lamp I still haven’t managed to hang lays there with tools and bits. My body is still in pain from building the dressing furniture. I know I still have a lot to do. Boxes to unpack, although I have nowhere to put their content, curtains to hang, lamps to fit, cleaning…

Did I mention that last night was the first night I slept in my new apartment? Sorry our new apartment!

My parter is still at the AirB&B and I stayed here last night. A slight organizational problem that turned out to be the best thing. Just for one night!

Yes I woke up at an unfair hour. It’s been like this for months now. I was hoping to do better here, but the wind has been blowing so hard that it blew off a ventilation duck, which then kept banging on the wall.

Become an owner, they said, it will be fun!

Since I don’t want to show you pictures of boxes and piled stuff, here is a bad picture of Tim. Oh I miss this little guy. I hope he is ok.

My coffee is getting cold, I need a refill. My mind wanders and it’s already past 5AM. Yes, I’m drinking coffee at this unruly hour because the day is going to be a long one. I feel like it’s the week-end but it isn’t. There is still so much to do. Just another very long day and my whole body wishes for this to be all done. It’s aching from top to bottom. My shoulders and my back are a mess. My knees are hurting from the hours spent yesterday on the floor. The soles of my feet are welcoming to be up for a while. My hands and arms are stiff from holding the screw driver and other tools. The skin on my hands is dry and damaged.

I haven’t been exercising and I can’t wait to get back into a routine. I need to get back on track. I need to sleep, I need to exercise, I need to eat well. Indeed, I also need to work!

Our furniture was delivered a week ago but since there are still works to be done, I have been spending my days in limbo. Mostly in the new apartment, cleaning after the workers coming in and out. Moving this and that, to clear the way for the next thing to be done. Cleaning some more. Waiting for deliveries while sitting on the floor… How long will it take to get read off the plaster dust and smell, I wonder?!

My plan was to move in and be done with the fitting in a week. To not derail my work and projects more than I needed to. How silly of me, how naive! Needless to say that very little has gone according to plans.

For a start, the companies involved with the works to be done have little concern for my schedule!

To be honest, they seem to have little concerns for my choices! It feels like they think they can just install whatever tap they want and be done with it. But no, this isn’t the one I had chosen. Ah ok, we’ll order a new one, it will take 4 weeks… At this point you either give up and keep the one they installed or wait 4 weeks, maybe 6, maybe more because of the next point.

Covid is a pain. And now it seems to have become the easiest excuse for everything and anything! Stupid long delays? Covid. Didn’t show up? Covid issues. Wrongly done? Covid still!

We have all noticed the ‘Covid excuse’ right?!

So my plans went with the trash and I’ve given up slightly. It will take probably months to have everything sorted. Maybe that’s ok. I have to accept it anyway and make the most of it.

As I had mentioned before, this new apartment should be an excuse for plenty of DIY articles. I’ve started a mirror project which I hope to proudly display here and in my bathroom soon! There is the coffee table conundrum to sort as well, very soon!

But I’m thinking of a couple other topics. Not as fun, I should add.


Is moving the ultimate “adulting” challenge? It has felt that way to me. Sooo many things to coordinate, to prepare, to organize, to do.

Keeping your sanity while moving. I failed this challenge but I did learn a few things along the way!

Renter mentality: How years of renting has shaped me. Not exactly the angle you may think about. The thing is that, actually, I’m scared to dig holes in the walls. I chose furniture that stand on their own…

Moving and buying a new home is an environmental disaster. We had to buy a new kitchen, new furniture, new accessories. These are wrapped up in a quantity of polystyrene & plastic, I had not seen in years. It doesn’t end there of course.

Should you compromise? With the construction, with the fixture, with your partner?! What is important?

Moving – the ultimate test to show if you are a minimalist or not!

The Covid excuse – How it has became the excuse for bad service. Bad management needed this!

There will probably be other ‘fun’ topics coming to mind. Meanwhile bear with me because the quantity of boxes still to be unpacked is still dreadful to me. I have to wait to handle for what is left though. The main bathroom doesn’t have taps, or a toilet for that matter. The built-in cupboard isn’t finished, the wall in the living room has to be redone… All fun stuff!

Let’s remember my dreams are slightly different!

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