Was June even for real?!

May had been glorious! I didn’t think June could top it off but it did! It was nerve wreaking and yet amazing. The feeling I had, that something was brewing under the surface proved to be correct! And I’m amazed and thankful and know now, it’s far from over.

As for every monthly recaps I wrote, I’ll say the same things again: you don’t need to read, because I’m just journaling my way through a pandemic. Trying to keep traces of what it was like.

On my side, I must admit that I have grown fond of such recaps! It’s not that I like my writing. It’s because I like reading again the feelings I had and realize what they meant, what directions things took, what turned out to be important or what just didn’t happen.

Fresh strawberries
June included eating way too many freshly picked strawberries ! 🙂

Note: This post include affiliated links in the ‘best buy of the month’ section. If you decide to make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

June snapshots

My partner had to start spending more time in the office again and boy, did that feel good!! Sorry not sorry!! 😁

It really enabled me to focus on my own work, which had not always been great the past couple weeks.

Work and other activities too!

Charcoal stickers for spices
I love the little charcoal stickers I bought last month and growing my collection of glass containers!

But the first true highlight was when my dad & I went to see our wrench! It felt so good to be back in his garage. Working on the engine on the second bike we are renovating. Yes, I still feel super weird writing something like this!!

Then again, the real highlight might have been the next days, as I got to drive Minty! 8km!! Whoooo!

And we got our second Covid vaccine jab!! Hooray!! It was painful and slowed me down. Really slowed me down. However in just a couple more days, we’ll be considered as fully vaccinated and that is pretty cool. A little bit of additional freedom and safety. Double hooray!

Had to finally spend time finalizing my accounting for last year. Pfff I hate doing this!

In the middle of my vaccine related down days, I received some professional news I had a hard time wrapping my head around. Good news, excellent news, nerve wrecking news. I’m thankful, stunt and felt so stressed at first that I rejected the offer. Then I cooled down. Just enough to accept. Will see what happens, but this is going to change a LOT of things.

The take out

Only one week-end spent at my dad’s place in June but what a week end! Going there only once this month actually felt quite good. A little respite!

La Bise! I kissed 2 different men this month. For the first time in over a year. It was so weird and enjoyable! So I wrote about it!

If these events seemed significant earlier that month, they were nothing compare to the tsunami of emotions that were to come with the business proposal I received later on. Proposal I had to handle while my brain was foggy from the 2nd vaccine shot.

The last year was transformational for me but I had the feeling this was just the beginning. This business proposal is going to change things a whole lot. Time wise & money wise and probably on many other different levels. The roller coaster I felt earlier this year, the shifts happening on so many different levels… something was brewing and I could tell, without being able to pin point what it could be. Now, it’s going to take me a couple months to adjust but I also have the feeling that it’s just the start of a new era. Moving to our new home at the end of the year is no small step and so 2022 is just going to be something entirely different!

Little follow ups

Online money investment: Growing and still working great! I’m so stupid for not starting this sooner. 10% return at least! That’s impressive and it feels good!

NMN? Yes I continue! Who knows maybe it does have long term effects…

Other supplements: I kept taking probiotics for most of the month but not every day.

Pam? Oh Pam, I love you! Yes, I’m seeing great results actually. Yes, 2021 is also a transformational year, physically!

Sewing? Soon, I’ll be back to you, my precious! Well… hopefully! Actually, maybe not for amazing projects but surely for some alterations because of Pam!

Drawing? Boy was it hard this month. Every time I tried, something else came up and part 3 of my big project is nowhere near the finish line. A big disappointment here.

Little squirrel? We have 2 now and called them Tim & Tam! They come everyday, sometimes more than once! It’s so cute 🥰

Minty? Glorious!! Difficult, nerve recking, frustrating at times but I am getting a hang of it. I’m really learning to listen to her. She is unfortunately as difficult as I am.

Me and my Indian Scout
Driving a vintage motorcycle is exhausting!!

Best buy of the month: Pinking scissors!

So as mentioned above, I haven’t been sewing a whole lot for 2 months or so. Just a button here and there, some small repairs… as well as a sport bra. It turns out I can’t wear it when working out! Oh well, It’s been nice to wear it when just chilling.

Despite sewing very little, I knew that pinking scissors (#AffiliatedLink) would be a nice addition to my tools or at least something to try. However, it wasn’t that easy to find some that weren’t specifically for right handed people. So once again, I had to order from Amazon, but at least the ones I go are not killing my poor little left hand!

That’s pretty much it. June was a very low spending month. Record low, I would say!

Any plans or highlight for July?

Well, well… my Birthday happens to be in July and I’m usually taking a Birth-week-off! Yeah! It used to be that I refused to work just on my Birthday, than it turned into long weekends off and now it’s a whole week! Now I’m wondering if at one point it will be a whole month?! Probably not, but maybe it should be a goal!

Now, this year might be slightly different because of the business proposal I received. It’s still in the making, I haven’t decided what to do yet.

Note to self: Try your best to send your invoices & contracts quickly and take off!! If you can!

Something important to read

Last month or so, I wrote a piece on how not to fall for conspiracy theories. I thought it was pretty good, maybe even a tiny bit useful. I hoped so, at least.

This month, I read this article by Mark Manson: Social Media Isn’t the Problem… We Are and I think it is absolutely worth your time, anyone’s time really.

These are not the same at all. Mostly because, obviously, his article is 1000 time better! But it made me think of the one I wrote, because it explains so much! Go ahead, read it and I doubt you will be disappointed.

Happy Summer to you!

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